How to Select Fiber Optic Cable Products

How to Select Fiber Optic Cable Products

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Choosing a high quality fiber optic cable product to your work is very important, and how to choosing? To view the qualifications and business background of the manufacturer. Large manufacturers to see if the big brands, commitment to product development and production of fiber optic cable, whether there are many successful cases, whether you have the ISO9001 quality system certification, the ISO4001 international environment system certification, whether or not to comply with ROHS directive, and whether there is relevant national and international institutions certification.

To view the prodct packaging, view the cable sheath, and a clear sign of m number, name, cable type and so on. In general, the factory fiber optic cable around in a sturdy woodem tray and protect the wood seal plate, fiber optic cable at both ends sealed, fiber optic disc following signs: the product name specifications, plate number, length, net / gross weight, date, A / B-side signs and so on.

To view the fiber optic cable test records, the normal two, a side in the wooden tray with the cable tray, open the wooden disk fiber optic cable can be seen, one outside in the wooden tray. view the cable jacket. Indoor cable jacket generally use poly green vinyl or flame-retardant poly green ethylene or low smoke zero halogen materials.

To view the vertical bandage pattern steel armor strip. Formal manufacturers generally use double-sided brushing longitudinal dressing pattern of the anti-rust paint strip and ring package joints, relatively strong and rigorous. But we also found that some fiber optic cable on the market as the armor with ordinary metal, usually only one side for the rust treatment, see the strip thickness of the longitudinal dressing pattern apparent inconsistency.

To view the cream of the fiber. Outdoor fiber optic cable, fiber cream filling on the loose tube inside to prevent water directly contact with the fiber core.

Finally you need to view aramid, and fiber core. The fiber core is really a cable core part of the interview on the points in order to protect the core of this transmission. It is also one without the help of the instrument part of the most difficult to identify. Both can not be identified with the eyes it is a single-mode or multimode; can identify 50/125 or 62.5/125; you can not identify it OM1, the OM2, the OM3 or zero water peak, not to say that it’s Gigabit, The trillion application. Best to suggest that the use of high-quality core of regular cable manufacturer.

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