How to Use HDMI Extender and VGA Extender in HD Video Conferences?

How to Use HDMI Extender and VGA Extender in HD Video Conferences?

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At present, more and more consumers proposed higher demands for their video display when they are in HD video conference. HD video conferences have been a hot trend and to address this project, Fiberstore has to supply a solution to ensuring the image transmission effect of HD conferences.

Speaking of HDMI, I believe many consumers still feel unfamiliar. The full name of HDMI is High Definition Multimedia Interface abbreviation, also called as high-definition multimedia. HDMI is a compact audio/video interface for transmitting uncompressed digital data. For video display, the multimedia interface is just a small component, many people ignore the HDMI interface, we need to know the HDMI interface is likely to play a important role in the high-definition digital video display. You know, HDMI can achieve HDMI digital audio/video signal long-distance transmission. No attenuation, bandwidth, good anti-jamming performance, security performance, small size, light weight and so on during transmission, with incomparable advantages in the long distance and special environment; adoption HDMI interface, one HDMI cable connects HDTV, which could be up to crisp and clear image. Fiberstore’s 192k sampling rate and 8-channel high-fidelity audio, save construction cost and complexity of the alignment, also ensure high quality. As shown in the following figure, the HDMI Extender also transports digital audio along with the HDMI. The HDMI Fiber Optic Extenders consists of an all fiber connection eliminating the need for any copper connections between the transmitting and receiving devices. The HDMI Fiber Optic Extenders are designed to not only transport the HD video and audio, but also supports the transmission of the Display Data Channel (DDC) and High Definition Copy Protection (HDCP) over the same optical fiber.

HDMI Extender

However, as we know, VGA interface is the output of the analog signal on the graphics interface, it also called D-Sub interface. now in the world, most computer with an external image information through an analog VGA display interface, the image information display by the digitally generated graphics inside computer and they are converted into R, G, B signal, then the signal is transmitted to the display device by the cable. VGA Extenders are the perfect choice for both large and small Pro AV installations. Just as the following figure. Fiber Optic VGA Extenders, a flexible professional solution for long distance transmission of high resolution VGA or RGB Component Video signals through single fiber solutions, and single-mode or multi-mode fiber cables which allow for the transmission of accompanying stereo audio, RS232 data, Loopback output and support USB Keyboard/Mouse. But they have the same applications that include specialized Media Display, Security Systems, Universities, Industrial Monitoring, Airport/Airplane/Metro/Railway and large-scale conference sites including stadiums.

VGA Extender

But How to Use HDMI Extender and VGA Extender to Built System?

First install a high-definition camcorder video camera to output component signals in the meeting room, it can transmit signal to the conference control center, connected it to conference control system and have a image communication with the superior. The superior transmit the HD signal to the meeting room via High definition transmission devices. Because of just we can not distinguish the types of HD signals that the superior passed down, so when we take transmission systems into consider, it must include HDMI, VGA interface signal. Arranged a High-definition projectors in the meeting room, then the output HD signal from the HD Extender connect to on this HD projector, at the same time, Optical audio system transmits simultaneously and synchronously via the Optical configuration of the HD audio interface.

Light transmission between the meeting room and the conference control center, connected by HDMI, VGA, YPbPr Optical Extender. Control host has YPbPr, VGA, HDMI input port, can output different signals of YPbPr、VGA、HDMI, also can switch between different signals.

Many people would have such doubt on that why we use Video Extender over the fiber cable. Fiber Optic Transmission Systems make it possible to extend HDMI/VGA with the highest quality video performance well beyond the limitations of copper. In addition, a major benefit of fiber optic transmission is the fact that it virtually eliminates RFI/EMI that would otherwise degrade the quality of HD video over copper cable. and video signals are necessary, fiber optic transmission ensures high quality signals with no interference. and Fiberstore’s Plug and Play design ensures adjustment-free installation and operation, and optical adjustments are never required. LED indicators are provided to instantly monitor the system operating status.

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