How to Wire a Wall Network Port

How to Wire a Wall Network Port

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You may know how to make your own network cable, let’s talk about how to hide it. Depending on your home, the actual job of running patch cables behind the wall or under the house, and making both of its ends come out of the wall, can be ticky. You might want to hire a handyman for that job, especially the part where you need to cut holes in the wall. In this tutorial, i just teaching you how you can make an ethernet jack, with the ends of the patch cable already sticking out of the wall. And this is a CAT5e Network Cable, also known as a RJ-54 Ethernet jack. A CAT6 jack has the same wiring, however.

Before you do these what tool do you need:

Puch down tool, a puch down tool just cost your several dollars, and Ethernet jack and wall plate. You can buy these separately and you can find a wall pate that can house more than one jack.

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The Steps:

wall pate

  • a. Using the stripping tool to strip the patch cable about 2 inches from its end. You can strip more than 2 inches if needed, since the extra length will be cut off, but note that there’s a limited amount of patch cable coming out of the wall so you don’t want to cut it too short. Spread the eight wires from one another. There’s no need to put them in a particular order since the pins on the Ethernet jack are color coded.
  • b. Placing the cable in the middle of the jack and push its wires on the pins of the matching color for the 568B standard. This means that the orange wire goes into the orange pin, the blue wire goes into the blue pin, and so on. Technically, you can use the 568A wiring standard, but in this case you’d need to do the same with the other end. generally, you want to avoid using 568A for network ports because it could cause problems in the future if somebody else repairs the port and uses the more common 568B standard.
  • c. Using the punch down tool to punch these wires down on their pin in one quick motion. If you do it right, the wire will be punched down, and the excessive wires will be cut off.

Now you just need to install the wall plate and you are done with one network port. You can make another port at a different end of the house that connects to the port you have just made if you want to have just a single wired connection.

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