Imformation about Vertical type Fiber optical 3in 3out Closure Box

Imformation about Vertical type Fiber optical 3in 3out Closure Box

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Vertical (Dome) fiber optic splice closures are made of excellent engineering plastics.FiberStore.COM supply different ports types, fittings and different fiber optic core numbers for vertical/Dome fiber optic splice closures. The main application for vertical fiber optic splice closure is in CATV, telecommunications and fiber optic networks. They are suitable for protecting optical fiber splices in straight through and branching applications, and can be used in aerial, duct and direct buried fiber optic cable projects.

Let’s have a look at this product. It’s 72 Fibers 3In-3Out Vertical/Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closures. Look at the picture and follow the next introduction.Before you use this closure 3in 3out dome vertical product,you must have knowned about how to install it.

Flow Chart of Installation:

1. Open the splice closure

2. Determine length of optic fiber cable to be fixed and stripped

3. Strip off protective coats of optic fiber cable and fiber

4. Separate fiber cores and prepare work prior to fixing fiber cable

5. Fix reinforced core and fiber cable

6. Splice fibers

7. Install thermal shrinkable sleeve and house fibers

8. Check up completely

9. Install optic fiber cable closure

There are its peration conditions:

Temperatures: -40℃~+65℃

Humidity: ≤95% (at 40℃)

Air Pressure: 70kPa ~106kPa

And Technical Specifications:

Seal performance: after the box is sealed, inflate to 100kPa inwards (inflation only apply to the models with the air hole), and then soak it in the water of normal temperature, after 15 minutes of steady observation, there is no bubble to overflow.

Insulation resistance: the insulation resistance between the metal work piece and the earth is greater than 20kM.

Pressurization: there is no breakdown or flashover under 15kVdc/1min between the metal work piece and the earth.

The curvature radius of the fiber 40mm, without extra loss inside the splice tray.

It can bear the axial tensile strength no less than 1000N.

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