Important Points of Installing CCTV Security Camera System (1)

Important Points of Installing CCTV Security Camera System (1)

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The project of installing a new CCTV security camera system is not that easy, there are a few things to consider during that process. Let’s take the installation in home for example, you have to make sure that you are doing well in the following steps: a. Make sure that the cables you may have to use is right. b. Ensure that the cameras are at the right location. c. Make sure that you can find a proper point of entrance from the outside of the house to the inside. d. Find a good place for the Monitor and DVR to be stationed. e. Find a kind of large capacity DC voltage as the power supply of the CCTV security cameras. f. After all the former steps have being done, a appropriate CCTV security camera tester should also be required. And it is only for home installation, the installation of CCTV security camera system in office or the whole build would be much complex.

Here below let’s come to the detailed description of the points that plays an important role in CCTV security system installation in home.

1. Make sure you have choose the right cables. Maybe the RG59 Siamese Cable is a good choice, it is the industry standard type of cable used for most CCTV installs and this cable consists of one video cable and one power cable (Positive and Negative). And please be noted that you would better make the cables to be run through basements, attics, walls or any protected area from which they can operate undisturbed, and also it’s best to allow extra length between cameras and the DVR to allow for future adjustment.

2. The place the camera (we can also provide this product though you can only find the CCTV security camera tester not the camera on our website at present) placement should be right. The camera placement is really vital in reaping the benefits of security video, the cameras should be installed where they can best monitor the most important parts of an area. In most occasions, the homes cameras are installed where the roof meets the walls of the house. This is a good location because it shelters the cameras from the elements (Rain, snow, wind and sun). And it make the cables connect more simplified since many homes have a small gap or hole where cables can be run between the roof and the wall. The third advantage is that the cameras placed near the roof usually have a better field of view and are less likely to be vandalized.

So much for the advantages of the cameras being installed where the roof meets the walls of the house, next we will going to illustrate the things we should considerate in right camera placement, and the other points (which also including the choose of CCTV security tester) of installation a new CCTV security system in home.

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