Important Points of Installing CCTV Security Camera System (2)
Home Test Tool Important Points of Installing CCTV Security Camera System (2)

Important Points of Installing CCTV Security Camera System (2)

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Here are going on with our last topic “Important Points of Installing CCTV Security Camera System”, and today I would like to talk about the aspects we should considerate in right camera placement (not only in home CCTV security system installation but also for other buildings), and the other points we should clear in the installation a new CCTV security system in home.

.In the camera placement process: a. Ensure that important areas are monitored by installing PTZ cameras in areas free of visual obstruction, and when installing PTZ cameras, consider the physical constraints of pan, tilt and zoom functions, please keep in mind that all cameras would better be installed to monitor busy, populated or sensitive areas while minimizing sky and other unimportant aspects. b. Another consideration is that whether you prefer the cameras to be easily visible or not. Usually, visible cameras may help deter unwanted activity or illegal behavior while discreetly placed cameras are less likely to be tampered with or vandalized. They both have their own benefits. c. Don’t forget to ensure that mounting brackets are compatible with the intended mounting surface. d. Do your best to protect the cameras away from hazards, such as machinery and chemicals. e. The last thing we should think about is the privacy, we should think twice before installation in the aspect of legality and ethics. Don’t focus on the areas that may hurt other people’s privacy.

3. Make sure that you can find a proper point of entrance from the outside of the house to the inside. It seems that most homes have an attic which is a great place to run all your RG59 lines into.

4. Find a good place for the Monitor and DVR to be stationed. For the monitor, the place it being stationed should be comfortable for users to view video from, and also a place where it can work smoothly without the influence of dust, moisture and extreme temperatures. And for DVR, It should be stationed in a secure indoor area so it can record successfully.

5. Find a kind of proper DC power supply box or AC adapter to provide DC voltage as the power supply of the CCTV security cameras, so it keep working smoothly.

6. After all the former steps have being done, a appropriate CCTV security camera tester should also be required as backup. For the CCTV security tester is aiming to CCTV security system installation and maintenance, and usually combining the following functions: Optical Fiber Communication test, low power circuit test, video test and PTZ control, and DC12 1A output for camera test, etc.

Well, at last, this is only a brief illustration of the key points in the CCTV security camera system, if you want to put it into practice, you may have to find more information and so more preparations. And for the CCTV security tester, you are welcomed to visit our website to have a check of the high quality and multi-function testers.

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