Integrated Cabling Network Connection Between The Optical Fiber Equipment

Integrated Cabling Network Connection Between The Optical Fiber Equipment

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Since the optical fiber and fiber optic port prices are still very expensive, so the optical fiber is mainly used for optical fiber is mainly used for the connection between the core switch and the aggregation layer switches, or used in the aggregation layer switches between the cascade. Should be noted that the fiber ports do not have the ability to stack can only be used in cascade.

1. Fiber optic jumper wire cross connection

In all switches are two fiber ports that pitch-catch. Of course, fiber jumpers must be 2, otherwise wouldn’t be able to communicate between the ports. When the switch via fiber optic port cascade must be at both ends of the fiber jumpers transceiver swap, when the a Termination “receive” the other end “send.” Similarly, when one end of the “send” elbow, the other end to close. ” Cisco GBIC fiber module marked transceiver flag, left side inward arrows indicate the “revenue”, the right side of the outward arrows indicate the “send”, the port LED is not lit, the connection failed. Only when the fiber port after the success of the LED light into green.

Similary, when the convergence layer switch is connected to the core switches, between the transceiver ports of the optical fiber must also be cross-connections, as shown:

2. The connection of the optoelectronic transceiver

When the fiber optic cable integrated wiring between buildings or between floors while the horizontal cabling using twisted pair connection between the two transmission media. First, using the same time has a fiber port and RJ-45 port switch, switch between the interconnection between the photoelectric port; using inexpensive photoelectric conversion device, connect one end of the optical fiber, the other end connected to the switch twisted pair ports photoelectric conversion between, as shown:

Comparatively speaking, the higher transmission performance modular switches, photoelectric conversion devices cheaper. Therefore, it should be based on the network data transmission needs determined and the amount of investment which equipment. It needs to be noted that not all fiber transceivers to support full-duplex, some products only support half-duplex, and should therefore pay attention to identify at the time of purchase. In addition, taking into account the compatibility suggested the use of the products of the same brand and type.

One end of the optical transceiver connected to the fiber optic patch panels using fiber optic jumper with the remote fiber-optic interface connection; using twisted pair jumper the other end connected to the RJ-45 port switch, with the other computers on the switch connection to complete the network backbone fiber optic transmission.

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