Internal Industry and External Industry of Fiber Optic Network

Internal Industry and External Industry of Fiber Optic Network

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Internal industry

Since the mid- 1970s, the fiber optical cable in China almost started with foreign at the same time, and in early 1977 to develop the first quartz optical fiber. Mass communication construction demand in China, the optical fiber cable industry in China has developed rapidly, has formed to the cable from the optical fiber preform products complete industrial chain. China optical fiber cable production and technical strength and the rapid development of enterprises, product development ability and the ability to further improve the technology innovation. China has become the world’s second largest fiber optic network, every aspect has reached the world advanced level.

Along with the in-depth development of Chinatown tong project, lcable to replace copper network is the irreversible trend, under the action of the information economy driven by China’s cable industry will maintain steady growth. And deserves more attention, the large-scale construction of 3G and FTTH indoor cable, FTTH drop cable, FTTH duct armored cable step by step, will be China’s cable industry the development of the long-term driving factors, will promote China’s cable industry into a growth cycle.

External industry

Cuba has opened the first undersea fiber optic cable, which made single direction into Cuba’s speed data a certain improvement. Although it is far from realization of the goal of “the real Internet freedom” has a long way to go, but this is also true that Cuba is “change” a concrete step on the road.

Cuba is the last western hemisphere country connected fiber optic cable, and is also one of the network connection of the lowest rates in the world. Previously, Cuba’s web services primarily through satellite system connection, the speed is very slow. About 16% of the Cuban people can surf the Internet, these people mostly because of using the network in the process of work and study, but most are internal local area network (LAN), is subject to many restrictions. Only 2.9% of cubans in domestic unrestricted web browsing all over the world.

How does the external industry of fiber optic network will be in the following five years of ten years? Let’s look forward the bright future.


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