Introduction of CATV/HFC Transmission Systems
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Introduction of CATV/HFC Transmission Systems

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Understanding CATV
CATV, which originally called community antenna television is more commonly known as “cable TV” now. Since the early 1990s, CATV has taken on some new dimensions. In addition to bringing television programs to those millions of people throughout the world who are connected to a community antenna, CATV is becoming an increasingly popular way to interact with the World Wide Web and other new forms of multimedia information and entertainment services.

In order to full-fill the demand of bandwidth and make the large number of channels transmit through the optical fiber with high speeds, CATV transmission system continuous optimization. Many new network technology is gradually applied into it, including the The hybrid fiber coax (HFC) system.

CATV systemFigure 1. Typical CATV Sysem

What is The Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) System
Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC), which incorporates both fiber optic transmission components and copper coaxial transmission components is a way of delivering video, voice telephony, data, and other interactive services over coaxial and fiber optic cables. Hybrid fiber coax (HFC) system is fast becoming a major transmission vehicle for interactive broadband access to the World Wide Web, CATV, and other multimedia applications. (Figure 2. )

basic elements of hfcFigure 2. Basic Elements of HFC system

As the advanced CATV transmission system, HFC system uses fiber optic cable for the headend and feeder distribution system and coax for the customers end connection. HFC is also called as the second generation of CATV systems. It offers high-speed backbone data interconnection lines (the fiber portion) to interconnect end user video and data equipment. In addition, HFC system provides high performance at low cost because they can be designed to match the asymmetrical bandwidth needs of most broadband distribution systems.

Advantages of HFC

  • Improves overall reliability by eliminating long amplifier cascades
  • Improves end-of-line signal quality, for the same reason
  • Permits the operator to transmit ‘targeted’ services to smaller areas
  • Allows smaller groups of subscribers access to the whole upstream bandwidth (5 to 65 MHz)
  • Reduces intrinsic (thermal) and extrinsic (RFI) noise accumulation in the Upstream

CATV/HFC Network Application
AS the CATV/HFC network technology increasing, CATV/HFC is more widely applied in the data transmissions. There are some application examples, we can see the diagram (Figure 3~5) below, which can clearly describe some application of CATV/HFC network.

small pricate catv networksFigure 3. Small Private CATV/HFC Networks

small to medium size pricate networkFigure 4. Small to Medium Size Private Network

large scale campus and municipal networks

Figure 5. Large Scale Campus and Municipal Networks

Fiberstore’s CATV Optical Transmission Equipment
Fiberstore’s CATV Optical Transmission Equipment including high quality CATV optical transmitters, optical receivers, amplifiers, splitters, coaxial cable, measuring instruments etc. meet international standards with high reliability and stability which ensuring high quality and reliable HFC network for digital and analog Cable TV to provide high quality signal till end point, can be configured to meet any network requirement.

**Hot Sale Product: Optical Transmitters
Fiberstore’s Optical transmitters are special optical transmitting equipments in HFC broadband transmitting network. The product which use direct optical intension, low RF-signal input level, excellent airproof and fast-heating capability, make it possible work at any kind of bad environment. It can transmit analog TV signal, digital TV signal and INTERNET data signal in 860MHz frequency.

Advantages of Fiberstore’s Optical Transmitters:

  • Pre-distortion circuit makes product have excellent non-linear index, ensure optical fibre network and long distance transmitting, make out users cover.
  • Microprocessor circuit and VFD, for control and display optical transmitter work status and parameter.
  • Perfect Laser control and protect circuit, ensure the stable reliable work capability

Fiberstore’s Optical Transmitters Applications:

  • 1310 broadcast and narrowcast applications
  • CATV forward path
  • RF over fiber

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