Introduction of Optical Multimeter

Introduction of Optical Multimeter

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Optical multimeter is a combination of optical power meter and fiber optic light source. It is used to measure the optical power loss of the optical fiber link.

There are the following two kinds of optical multimeter.

1. A separate optical power meter and a separate fiber optic light source.
2. The combination of optical power meter and fiber optic light source, a whole integrated test system.

These instruments can be two separate instruments, and may be a single integrated unit. In short, the two types of optical multimeter has the same measurement accuracy. The difference is usually the cost and performance. Integrated optical multimeter usually has mature function with a variety of performance but the price is higher.

From a technical point of view to evaluate various optical multimeter configuration, basic optical power meter and fiber optic light source standard is still applied. You should pay attention to the selection of the correct type of light source, the operating wavelength, optical power meter, probe, and dynamic range.

In short-distance local area network (LAN), when the endpoint distance is in walking or talking ambit, the technical staff can successful use the of economic combination of optical multimeter at any one end, fiber optic light source at one end and optical power meter at the other end. For the system of long-distance network, the technical staff should equipment the complete portfolio or integrated optical multimeter at each end.

FiberStore supplies some optical multimeter. JW3207 Handheld Optical Multimeter is for example. It integrates the functions of an intelligent optical power meter module and of a highly stable light source module in one unit which can perform closed-loop tests by incorporating both modules. Individual regimes of operation can also be manually chosen using menu operation to switch functions. A perfect combination to make your optical fiber tests a lot more convenient. It has a long battery operating time than the JW3204 optical multimeter, and a wider measurement range than the JW3204A.

Product Features:

1. User self-calibration function
2. Automatic shutdown function set
3. The high stability output of multi-wavelength single-mode (multi-mode) laser
4. Rechargeable lithium battery, reduce user costs
5. Includes all the outstanding functions of handheld intelligent power meter (JW3206)
6. Includes all the outstanding functions of handheld stable light source (JW3108)
7. Switching of the power meter function and that of the light source by menu operation
8. Different light sources and power meters can be built into JW3207


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