Introduction to 10G OEO Converter
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Introduction to 10G OEO Converter

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OEO(Optical-Electrical-Optical) converter is a device used in optical transmission which converts signals by amplifying and shaping, even the conversion of wavelength and the pattern. With the OEO converter, we can effectively save the fibre resource and network costs. In addition, issues of optical fiber long distance transmission can be solved by using this device. With the advantages of light and handy volume, economy and safety, easy installation, OEO converter is widely used in many optical transmission fields. Among the OEO converter, 10G OEO converter is an outstanding type. It supports multi-protocol 10G data rates including SDH/SONET STM-64/OC-192, 10G Ethernet, or 10G Fiber Channel. Today, we are going to introducing 10G OEO converter in this paper.

Working Principle of OEO Converter
OEO Converter realizes wavelength converter based on the Optical- Electrical- Optical transformation technology. Firstly, the OEO optical module receives the optical signals and convert it into electrical signals through the Optical-Electrical conversion. And then, using the 3R technology( re-amplifying, re-shaping and re-timing) to handle the signals. At last, electrical signals are modulated to the optical laser and then output. The key feature of 10G OEO converter is to significantly extend the overall distance reach of a 10G rate link. It features two or more than two 10G ports offering multiservice 10G transponder and regenerator function. Based on 10 Gigabit Fiber standards, the 10G OEO converter supports SFP+ to XFP, SFP+ to SFP+ or XFP to XFP fiber connections.


10G OEO Converter in Fiberstore
Fiberstore supplies high quality 10G OEO converter with a very reasonable price. You can find SFP+ to XFP, SFP+ to SFP+ or XFP to XFP OEO converter with card type or standalone type in Fiberstore. What is more, good 2U or 1U unified platform chassis for 10G OEO are also offered in Fiberstore. To compared with the other OEO converter suppliers, even for the same quality, Fiberstore supplies a low cost option for your purchasing plan because Fiberstore still keep on their aims to offer the best quality products and perfect solutions, save customers’ time and money and make customers enjoy personalization.

10G OEO converter


  • 3R Repeater
  • Support Jumbo Frame
  • Transparent Transport and very low delay
  • Support ITUT prescribed DWDM/CWDM wavelength
  • Support DMI function for SFP+/XFP fiber module
  • Support PRBS31 Pattern Generator and Checker function
  • Support Loopback test function
  • Economic In-band Management function
  • Powerful Network Management function (Web, SNMP, Console) -used with AN-CH10 chassis
  • Support hot plugging
  • Support 2U Rack (16 slots) and standalone use
  • Full State Led display
  • Easy Installation


10G OEO Converter Applications
In general, 10G OEO converter is used as connection between fiber to fiber 10G equipment function as fiber mode converter, or as fiber repeater for long distance transmission. In addition, it is used for network backbone(SAN, LAN, MAN). In the WDM system, 10G OEO converter plays an important role in 1310nm/1550nm/CWDM/DWDM Optical Wavelength Conversion. What is more, it supports SDH/SONET STM-64/OC-192, 10G fiber channel, 10G Ethernet etc. As its advantages and wide range of uses, 10G OEO converter is widely applied in Telecommunication room, R&D laboratory, Data center, and etc.



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