Introduction to HDMI Video Optic Transmission System

Introduction to HDMI Video Optic Transmission System

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As people’s constant pursuit of enjoyment of life, nowadays most consumer electronics are applied HDMI(High-Definition Multimedia Interface) for multimedia data transmission, such as the digital televisions, Blu-ray player, PC, laptop and smart phone with a variety of devices to the HDMI adopted. Although the HDMI technology is known as an advance technology and favoured by people, it is limited by the transmission distance. A test report shows if transmission distance is equal to more than 10 meters, data will be corrupted. To solve this problem, engineers combine the fiber optic communication technology and make data transfer a few kilometers or more possibly and can carry 1080P video by using fiber optic cables. Thanks to such perfect combination, the HDMI video fiber optic transmission system comes into being. A variety of video fiber optic transmission products such as the HDMI converter, optical HDMI extender etc. enter the market. It means a new chapter of Video transmission technology has opened.

What is Optical HDMI Extender ?
In the HDMI video optic transmission system, uncompressed and high definition HDMI video and audio signal could be transmit over one 1-core fiber up to 100Km. Optical HDMI extender plays an important role in such transmission system. Optical HDMI extender, also called HDMI video multiplexer, is a device which is used to long-distance transmission images or other signals of lossless high-definition multimedia data. Optical HDMI extender is to serialize the HDMI electrical signal using the SerDes(Serializer/Deserializer). A SerDes converts a parallel data source to one or more serial data lanes and vice-versa. The serial data channels use differential signaling and a point to point configuration with a Transmitter(T) and a Receive(R) function comprising a lane. Even though both optical HDMI extender and fiber video converter can convert the signal, obviously the former’s functionality is more powerful.

HDMI extender

Optical HDMI extender is widely used in many fields such as the large-scale multimedia HD display, information dissemination and information centers, traffic guidance and information display systems, outdoor large screen display systems, large stage display box AV entertainment center, sports arena, live television, multimedia conference systems, control centers, medical image processing, and multimedia teaching systems etc. which are closely with our life.


More video optic transmission system products
According to the interface on the device, there are SDI, VGA and DVI video extender among the video optic transmission system. The working principle is similar with the HDMI’s but there are some differences between optical HDMI extender, such as the transmission distance and the transport protocol.

video optic transmission system products

Fiberstore supplies all kinds of video optic transmission system products which are in accordance with international standards, easily used in various operating environments. Know more information, welcome to our website or contact us directly!

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