Knowing Punch Down Tool Before You Buy

Knowing Punch Down Tool Before You Buy

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Punch Down Tool, also called punchdown tool or krone tool, is a smallhand tool used by telecommunication and network technicians.It is used for inserting wire into insulation-displacement connectors on punch down blocks, patch panels, keystone modules, and surface mount boxes.Most punch
down tools are of the impact type, consisting of a handle, an internal spring mechanism, and a removable slotted blade.

The punch down tool punches down and forces the twisted-pair cable conductor into the V. Then the IDC connector makes contact by cutting through, or displacing, the insulation around a single conductor inside a twisted-pair cable.

The punch down tool pushes a conductor between the sides of a “V” inside an IDC, allowing the small metal “knife” inside the connector to make contact with the inner conductor inside the wire.

A punch-down tool is really just a handle with a special blade that fits a particular IDC.

There are two main types of punch down tools: the 66-block and the 110-block.

The 66-block is mostly used in cross-connect blocks for voice cross-connects. The 110-block is now generic in usage and is a newer design by AT&T. 110-Block is most used for data network, although it’s not absolutely so.

The process of punching down a wire properly takes a considerable amount of force. You could just use a small flat-blade screwdriver, but you would probably break the wire or not be able to make the proper connection at all.

The punchdown tool helps you in applying the right amount of force in the right direction. Different blades are used depending on whether you are terminating 110-blocks or 66-blocks. Though the blades for each type are pretty different, most punch down tools on the market today can accept both types.

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