Large Industrial Park’s Cable Management

Large Industrial Park’s Cable Management

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Present world has entered into the information age. Information processing system developed rapidly. Intelligent building is the product of information age. Integrated wiring is the central nervous system of intelligent building. It USES the high quality standard cables and related connection hardware, standard, flexible, open information transmission channel for the building. It can transmit voice, data and images within the building, can also be connected to external communication network building. In the design of integrated wiring system should have the following features:

Transparency: supports all of the current standards, such as telephone communications, data transmission and video applications (IEEE, ITU – T, ANSI, etc.).

Adaptability: adapt to the technologies, such as office automation and star high-speed network applications.

Flexibility: the adoption of uniform distribution network integrated wiring system, namely the uniform transmission medium (twisted-pair cable and optical fiber) to support all types of communication system, so that users can change the location of the terminal equipment or installation of new terminal equipment easily.

Meet with ISO/iec11801 and 5 kinds of standards of Taiwan Campbell comprehensive wiring system inside the building as voice, data and image communications systems such as transmission media, adopts the standard network and INTERNET access, data/voice/video applications and development of “three nets” mode; USES the network operating system and platform model, considering the modern office environment for communication automation (CA), office automation (OA) system, such as information transmission requirements in highly flexibility, reliability and comprehensive wiring, easy expansion and convenient maintenance and management.

Design Requirements:

(1) Integrated wiring system for open architecture can support voice and a variety of computer data and image transmission system. Support gigabit Ethernet and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), etc.

(2) Cables management that fit into the integrated wiring system are: the telephone communication system wiring; Computer network wiring; can be connected to external public networks.

(3) Meet the requirements of building office automation and computer network system.

(4) Integrated wiring system using modular structure, and convenient extension of the system; And has great flexibility, when the system changes, equipment shift, don’t have to be rewiring, just put on the fiber jumpers on the corresponding distribution frame.

(5) Through the fiber jumper(fiber optic patch cord) to implement with different network interconnection equipment. Can achieve a variety of different logical topology fiber optic network structure.

2.Design Objective
Standardized network system, various specifications, technical indicators and the products are in line with international and industry standards, and can provide a variety of brand products.

System expansion, with technology development trend, the choice can be implemented with wiring scheme, and balancing the needs of present and in the future development of reserved enough expansion ability.

Sharing Traffic information resources, through the network interconnection, realizes the resource sharing and the external network connection.

Characteristics of cables management system

Each floor of each layer in the system shall be complete in the park, when the user  decorate to reconnect or workstation terminal without rewiring. System design must satisfy the requirement of the workstation connected to the network, and can satisfy the requirements of the software to run.

Flexibility: Any information to connect different types of devices, such as computers, printers, terminals or telephone, facsimile machine and a variety of sensors, image monitoring equipment, etc.

Modularity: All the connectors such as FC connectors, LC connectors, SC connectors, ST connectors, easy to use and expand.

Extensibility: Fully considering the development and change, when the environment changes and network equipment upgrades, just flexible fiber optic patch cord on the distribution frame without rewiring.

Economical: Reduce cost as much as possible, good return on investment.


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