Netgear ADSL2+ 802.11ac integrated router

Netgear ADSL2+ 802.11ac integrated router

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Netgear has launched the first ADSL2+ 802.11ac integrated router, adding to its family of high-speed 802.11ac wireless devices. To testing the ADSL2+, we can used the ADSL2+ Testers to test it. Where can buy this test do you know? Focus on our company, you can find your answer.

The D6300 Wi-Fi Modem Router is designed to meet growing customer demand for a highly integrated Wi-Fi ADSL modem router for better and faster wireless on internet-enabled devices in the home.

Supporting both integrated ADSL and a gigabit wide area network Ethernet port, the router is a single, power-packed device that enables consumers to access ADSL, fibre or cable broadband through a next-generation wireless connection.

Netgear says the new router is up to three times faster than its 802.11n models, supporting combined Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1,600Mbps.

Sandeep Harpalani, senior product line manager for wireless networking at the firm, said it is “proud” to announce another addition to its portfolio of 802.11ac Wi-Fi solutions.

“Netgear is the market share leader in premium networking products because we offer a highly integrated solution to simplify the home network,” he stated.

“At the same time, we provide the best Wi-Fi for today’s digital homes.”

Advanced features of the new router include the Netgear Genie app – which allows smartphone and tablet users to control, monitor, repair and manage their home networks through a simple, elegant dashboard.

It also enables users to print on any USB or networked printer directly from an Apple iPad or iPhone.

Users can also take advantage of Negear MyMedia, which offers the ability to find photos, video or music files anywhere on the network and play them on a DLNA media player.

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