New Domain Name Is Coming Soon

New Domain Name Is Coming Soon

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Fiberstore has announced that the official primary domain will be upgraded to top-level domain “” soon. By then, the old domain name will still be available but will point to

With last four years growing, Fiberstore has built its strong and professional teams and is doing business with more and more worldwide well-known corporations. To get closer to customers and be more popular, Fiberstore will launched a new international top-level domain name on in the coming days. Then the old domain name will still be able to reach Fiberstore homepage but will point to

FS is short for Fiberstore. This international top-level domain name contains two parts: two alphabets “F” and “S” adopted from the old domain name and domain suffix “.com”. The new domain is not only shorter and easier to be remembered, but also contains Fiberstore’s expectations for the future. is for better user experience. Fiberstore has been devoting to improve user experience. The use of is just a small step on Fiberstore’s upgrading road. But it marks that a series of improvements and upgrading is coming, including faster response, faster shipment, multilingual service, etc. also implies Fiberstore’s expectations for the future. FS reminds people of fast speed which also precisely describes Fiberstore’s fast growth path. We live in an era where there are both opportunities and challenges and things change constantly. The use of contains Fiberstore’s determination to seize the opportunity and win the future.

The launch of the new domain means a new chapter of Fiberstore development will begin on that day. It’s ready now for Fiberstore – Run to win the future!

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