Optical Module/ Fiber Module Product Overview

Optical Module/ Fiber Module Product Overview

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Integrated optical transceiver modules (Transceiver): often referred to as the optical module or fiber optic module, also it was called the optical transceiver module.

Optical module types:

1. Classified according to the package in the form of optical module: SFP、GBIC、XFP、Xenpak、X2、1X9、SFF、200/3000pin、XPAK、SFP+,RJ45。

2. Classified according to the transmission rate optical module: Unit Mb/s or Gb/s. Optical module product mainly has the following rate: low rate optical module, hundred trillion optical module (such as 155M), Gigabit optical module (2.5G, 25G and 4.9G, 6G, 8G), Gigabit optical modules (10G and 40G).

3. SDH transmission optical module: OC3,OC12,OC48

Fiber optic module common model: GLC-SX-MM,GLC-LH-SM/GLC-LX-SM,GLC-ZX-SM,GLC-T,DX,CWDM,FX

Fiber module common laser and wavelength:850nm/1310nm/1550nm/1470nm/1490nm/1510nm/


Single-mode optical module or multimode optical module

Fiber optic module the mainstream interface type: Duplex LC interface, SC connector

Major optical module manufacturers brand: Cisco, Huawei, H3C, HP, Nortel, 3COM, EXTREME, Alcatel-Lucent, NeoPhotonics, WTD ZTE. In these brand, the Cisco optical module is the most common brand.

At present, The number of optical module manufacturers has been increased, the various suppliers / sellers are numerous. With major brand manufacturers, after many developed optical module manufacturers, mainly mainly to production Compatibility (OEM) products. Compared with the big brand manufacturers, optical module manufacturers cheap.

Shenzhen optical module manufacturers in the development of the country should be the fastest, a large number of optical module products much lower than the prices of the major brand manufacturers are quick to sell to the various countries of the world’s regions. With the progress of the communications industry, the development of the optical module manufacturers in Shenzhen, I believe that can be driven by the rapid development of the national optical module products.

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