Optical Splitter and Optical Connector Market are in Strong Demand

Optical Splitter and Optical Connector Market are in Strong Demand

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In a variety of related policies, large-scale optical fiber substitute for copper networks have been launched gradually. As an important sector of FTTx fiber optic cables system ODN products also could usher in a new development opportunity.

PLC (planar optical waveguide technology) optical splitter is mainly used in FTTH(Fiber To The Home) access network. In the global market presents different formats. After the demand for high-speed development for several years, Japan, South Korea now reaching gently, which accounts for about half of the market share; Affected by the impact of the financial crisis in the United States. And developing countries such as China, India, Brazil’s FTTx is on the fast-growing construction stage, thus become the main growth point of the market.

With the advancement of our FTTx planar optical waveguide technology has become a popular optical communication industry’s development. PLC is a hot market, some are very bullish on passive optical device manufacturers, are ready to mount the PLC program.

PLC products on a large scale in China telecom and China unicom bidding, driven by the need of PLC market, the order income growth is strong. During the “twelfth five-year” plan, operators will accelerate the FTTH fiber optic cables deployment, which will promote market demand effectively, passive components in the PLC products at the core of FTTx device, will receive a large number of applications, in the global market share is expected to further promotion.

Global optical connector from the consumption market, the American market is the largest. But for the future development, the biggest is the Asia-Pacific market. With optical fiber cable technology development, the optical fiber is getting closer and closer to the ultimate user of people including the board interconnection between shorter link demand increasing, thus promoted greatly increase in the amount of the connector.

In 2010 our country took the policy of the development and integration of optical communication industry will expand the scale of the map of optical fiber connector market, accelerate development of collecting optical fiber connector industry. Tribes of industry restructuring and 3G licensing factors to promote the construction of the optical communication network, the resulting including light into copper network retreat, “FTTx” and so on the new market demand, is a huge market opportunity for optical fiber connector. Opticalfiber connector market scale will continue to grow.


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