Optical Transceivers Development Analysis

Optical Transceivers Development Analysis

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Communication network trunk transmission capacity continues to expand and the continuous improvement of the rate of the optical fiber communication become the main means of transmission of the modern information network, optical transceivers as the core of the optical fiber access network devices to promote the development of the trunk optical transmission system to low-cost direction so that the configuration of the optical network is more complete and reasonable. Optical transceiver module dramatic increase in the need to continue the development of related technology to meet application requirements. Dimmable modules will provide flexible wavelength configurations and reduce inventory requirements, adjustable transceiver will help them more effectively manage their own business and metro network.

“With many new equipment manufacturers of production equipment put into use in 2012 is expected to 100G critical year,” said Infonetics analyst Andrew Schmitt. And the latest data show that in 2012 the 100GigE transceiver sales almost doubled in 2013, but growth is expected to slow.”As the operator, and introduced the coherent network upgrade optical network, which will drive modules and optical device demand growth in 2013. At the same time, under the drive of adjustable XFP, 10 g WDM interface growth. Demand for data center 10G sfp+ modules also show explosive growth.”

Optical Transceiver Module Market

  • By 2016, global 10G, 40G and 100G optical transceiver module size of the market will grow to $ 3.3 billion;
  • 2011, 10G SFP+ module shipments almost doubled compared to 2010, and from now to 2016, shipments will reach 40% CAGR;
  • In 2011, driven by a number of new suppliers to enter the tunable XFP shipments almost three times that of 2010;
  • With the supply of 2012, under the guidance of the network equipment manufacturers, the large influx of market, 100G coherent transceiver module market will surge.

Small package optical transceivers with its appearance of a small package that the advantages of the network equipment fiber optic interface number has doubled single-port rate up to Gigabit order of magnitude, to meet the rapid growth of the Internet era of network bandwidth demand. Can be said that a small package optical transceiver module technology represents the development trend of a new generation of optical communication devices, is the cornerstone of the next generation of high-speed networks.

Fiberstore provide sfp+ modules are committed to network toward smaller power consumption and more downward leg module green transformation, the transformation reduces the total power consumption and transmission system for higher density panel so as to adapt to the increasing bandwidth requirements. SFP + MSA can make each module without CRD (clock and data recovery) function of the maximum power consumption is 1.5 w, however early the same function of XFP MSA transceiver module power consumption 3.5 w, or more than two times. Fiberstore is the world’s leading supplier of optical modules and manufacturers, we offer customized services, if necessary, welcome to contact us at FS.COM.



Expectation: Optical communication market in early 2013 Ethernet transceiver sales are optimistic, but telecom product estimated wait to in the second quarter of 2013 to may. Steady and slow macro economic improvement, will directly affect the data center and enterprise network in the first half of 2013, but the global telecom market may take 6 to 12 months to show steady growth momentum.


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