Outstanding Cisco GBIC And SFP Transceivers

Outstanding Cisco GBIC And SFP Transceivers

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GBIC transceiver is one of the many kinds of transceivers that is capable of receiving as well as sending data. The purpose of GBIC transceiver is to convert digital media between a separate fiber optic based network and Gigabit Ethernet network. From this one device, users are able to generate connections utilizing the multi or single mode fiber optic ports along with the copper wiring.

GBIC transceiver comes with multiple sources agreement, this enables the manufacturers to save their money to set up their own standards and also resolve any compatibility issues as well. With the help of a GBIC transceiver, Gigabit network devices can connect to the copper wires, single mode fiber ports, or any other multimode fiber ports directly. GBIC transceivers are appropriate for any interconnections over the Gigabit Ethernet hubs and for switches platform.

Various variants of GBIC transceivers are available and the latest SFP modules (or mini-GBIC) provide companies and service providers with the ability to set up a Fiber Channel and Gigabit Ethernet connection within their network with ease and simplicity. The Gigabit Interface Convertor is the standard for transceivers that gets plugged into Gigabit Ethernet and gets connected to a fiber optic network.

Usually the SFP modules are found with the LC fiber connecter interface. This model of transceiver covers a wide range including various types working at different wavelength and distance. This type of transceivers provide customers with a very convenient and affordable solution for finding a large area of habitat in metropolitan area access, data center, and ring networks, campus and storage area networks. Cisco which believes in their motto of meeting commitment and excellence offers a wide set of choices in regard of protocols, speeds, reaches and transmission media support. They provide customers with a larger range of interfaces which are detachable to multimode or single-mode type of optic fibers along with coaxial or UTP electrical cables. In addition to this transportation of LAN packets through TDM-based WAN and also streams over the packet-switching networks.

The main products from Cisco are switches, wireless systems; open networking systems, security systems, software, modules and interfaces, network management and automation system. Cisco is also specialized in producing transceivers which include a well advanced and useful type of SFP transceiver. Cisco has made enormous amount of investments spent to keep rhythm of standard of Cisco SFP. With high quality raw materials, skilled labor and advanced manufacturing equipment they facilitate highly efficient design for host devices, provide flexibility in network, and an immense amount of savings regarding the maintenance of the system.

The advantages of Cisco SFP and GBIC transceiver are its scalability that uses only one strand to move up to about eight channels. The equipment works with a standard SFP and GBIC port. In addition to that, the Cisco equipment does not require be powered and even configured. It is a versatile equipment that enables multiple network configurations. Simultaneously, these products help businesses and service providers to maximize the bandwidth of a Gigabit Ethernet without making use of a new fiber.

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