Plastic Optical Fiber in the FTTH market

Plastic Optical Fiber in the FTTH market

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Communication plastic optical fiber with quartz fiber will play an important role in FTTH end (family integrated wiring) , not only can solve the “last few hundred meters of the access problem, the use of plastic optical fiber at the same time reducing the energy consumption of copper and other.
2010, operators continue to broadband speed, 4M, 8M, even 20M access bandwidth has become the new target of the access network construction and renovation. Achieve higher access bandwidth, FTTH promote the brunt of China Telecom plans to open in 2010 with 100 million lines of FTTH subscribers, China Mobile and China Unicom also accelerate FTTH deployment.

Safeguard the FTTH smooth implementation of FTTH promotion last a storm in PON equipment has been used very mature, buildings and indoor fiber optic cabling. Operators continue to test and standardize the wiring scheme and standard cable providers are constantly to improve the indoor cabling system.

The research and development of plastic optical fiber (POF) is one of the industry’s most popular field of study. POF its core diameter, good flexibility, plasticity, light weight, low cost advantages been widespread concern in the international. Quartz optical fiber POF with the use of communication, will be effective at the end of FTTH (family integrated wiring) can solve the “last few hundred meters of the access problem. The other hand, the whole society to advocate low-carbon construction, the use of more environmentally friendly plastic optical fiber, the relative five lines of copper products, and more competitive.

May 25, 2010, at the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, experts from telecom operators, universities, research institutes and manufacturers of plastic optical fiber on the plastic optical fiber in LAN cabling to play a role and to better serve low-carbon society, Expand in-depth discussion.

The king of the short-distance cabling

Communication POF has a core diameter crude, easy coupling without welding or soldering, light weight, good flexibility, can be bent, anti-corrosion, anti-moisture, shock-proof explosion-proof, no electromagnetic interference and radiation, confidentiality, security and anti-jamming ability and attenuation is constant and does not vary with the characteristics of the transmission status change communication POF is a strong contender even copper alternatives.

The plastic optical fiber cabling system can be used as intelligent building, computer network transmission solutions. The self generated after the wiring system of universal application, the system within a building or within a computer network, computer network terminal, plastic optical fiber connection to each other, forming a complete network.

The location and function of different plastic optical fiber cabling solutions in the building according to its various parts, the vertical trunk generally use the traditional quartz fiber, such as multi-mode fiber optic cable. The plastic optical fiber applications in many connection points system level, to solve the horizontal direction from the network switches to the needs of the large amount of data transmission computer workspace. The horizontal direction of the data connection, fiber-optic communications workplace desktop connection, due to the number of connections, the use of traditional quartz fiber in terms of costs, engineering, management and maintenance aspects are more difficult to achieve universal application. The large diameter plastic optical fiber, the termination of the optical fiber coupling and laying construction is very easy to implement, the minimum bend radius of the cable, the installation environment requirements are also low. The upscale all-optical cabling system, gigabit network system as well as anti-interference, anti-signal leakage wiring system engineering, transmission line than other types of advantages.

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