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PLC integrated automatic fiber tools fiber tester

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Optical device module fiber testers automation instrument and system provider recently released PLC integrated automatic fiber tools fiber tester system. Compared with the early release of PLC system, the system is more comprehensive, including both the insertion loss, PDL, channel, uniformity index, at the same time, the system adopts the unique “reception” balance technology, can solve the problem of return loss index accuracy of stability test, the return loss test uncertainty to < 1 db @ – 60 db.

With the deepening of the FTTH patch cables industry promotion, PLC device/module automatic high precision testing requirements. How to reduce the end-to-end production test cost, improve fiber tester efficiency and resist the ability of the orders surge hit, has become the focus of competition of the enterprises, forcing enterprises to consider from the Angle of industry transformation equipment with the test solution upgrade, thus win the market competition. PLC integrated automatic testing system meets the requirements of production enterprises.

This system can automatically identify memory reference channel, a key to achieve all metrics automatic testing, through the PC software can realize index test, unqualified data, alarm, automatic storage, automatic generation of fiber tools reports and print output, and other functions. Compared with the traditional fiber tester pattern, the efficiency increased 4 times, and greatly reduce the test personnel training costs.

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