Rack Mount Enclosures

Rack Mount Enclosures

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rack mount enclosure

In most cases this terms refer to a convenient way to organize and store multiple computers servers or other types of computer equipment. This rack mount enclosures offer an effective way to store a larger volume of computers in areas that offer limited space.


The most common type of rack mount cabinet is known as the ” EIA standard” or 19-inch rack mount cabinet”. Most rack mounts computer equipments is what we call a “standardized” 19 inch width. The internal width of these rack mount enclosures is the “EIA standard” of 19 inches, so when you are trying to determine how many servers and shelves you want your server rack to contain, they will all be in this standardized 19 inch format.

All computer heights are measured in units cablled “U’s”. In the world of computers, when referring to the height of a computer, 1 “U” equals 1.75 inches. So when shooping for rack mount cabinets you will see references to cabinets like 10U, 12U, 25U and so on. So what does all of this mean to you? There are obviously hundreds of different sizes of server racks and multiple choice of shelving systems that can be put in to these rack mount enclosures. So in order to determine how much space is available for equipment and shelving options, the cabinets are rated in U’s.


Fiber optic enclosures, both indoor and outdoor, are designed to store, organize and protect excess fiber. While some units are great for cross connect and interconnect functions, others can be used in small rooms, closets or telecommunication rooms. Fiber splice enclosures can provide a transition point between outside plant cable and indoor cable in fiber optic networks. The designs are optimized for quick re-entry and smooth system expansion, allowing cables to be easily added even after the initial installation of some units.

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