Really Useful Wireless Network Cable LCD Tester Meter SC-8108

Really Useful Wireless Network Cable LCD Tester Meter SC-8108

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In my former essays, I have made a brief introduction of some types of network cable tester and its function. While in this essay, I would like to introduce one special network cable tester to you. It is the Wireless Network LAN Phone Cable LCD Tester Meter SC-8108.


Just as its name shows that the SC-8108 is a kind of wireless network cable tester meter, this kind of multi-network cable tester meter is really a powerful tool to prevent and solve cable installation problem. With this tool, you can do your cabling with confidence, and it can help you in preventing and solving cable installation/maintenance problems instantly. It owns the following functions: The tester will automatically detect far-end matcher (ID) or local port (L) cable and displays if the far-end of cable to be checked does not insert into the far-end matcher (ID) or if the cable does not insert into the local port (L) in local test. This network cable tester instantly check your LAN cable wiring for proper continuity, shorts, and pair integrity. And its test results are digitally shown via its LCD and it instantly displays the exact configuration of the cable, which is really convenient, right?  It performs line test without requiring the external adaptor, and it is with the single board computer software watchdog design so it can also provide you a reliable operating time. This tester meter covers wide array of applications such as cable connection sequence, length, user jumper or crossfire, cable connection continuity and can also determine any short circuit, open circuit, jumper or cross-talk interference. Of course, for this kind of high quality, efficient, effective, reliable, easy and safe to use network cable LCD tester meter, it owns the following key features: a. A person is enough to complete cable continuity check and cable sequence. b. Measure length and pair with or without far-end recognizer. c. Measures cable length and determine the distance of open circuit and short circuit. d. It can test STP / UTP twin twisted cable, coaxial cable, telephone line. e. Locates the wiring or connection error. f. Dynamically calibrates cable length and make length measurement as accurate as 97%. g. Self-checking function and automatically compensates any change in battery capacity or ambient temperature. h. Long battery life.

For this kind of network cable tester which plays an important role in the cable installation/maintenance,  FS.COM provides various types of this product, from basic to complicated, and all of high quality and good price. If you need this Wireless Network LAN Phone Cable LCD Tester Meter SC-8108 in a large quantity, we will provide you a special discount.


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