Save 30% on Fiberstore's MTP Fiber Cable Solutions

Save 30% on Fiberstore’s MTP Fiber Cable Solutions

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To feedback the support of new and old customers, Fiberstore has started the promotions of most fiber optic products by saving 30% since the end of June. The event aims at most hot-sale products including the MTP/MPO Fiber Cable Solutions.

High performance, high density MTP fiber cable solutions from Fiberstore replace up to 12 traditional fiber optic connectors with one single small form factor connector reducing installation time and labor costs. They are suitable for a variety of application, and industrial control applications. These multi-fiber solutions provide advantages in size, offering 12 times the density when compared to a similarily sized SC connector. Factory terminated and tested, MTP solutions provide significant installation time savings during installation or reconfiguration. A push-pull design is utilized for easy mating and removal. Break-out solutions are ideal for making connections within rack mounted or wall mounted fiber enclosures that utilize single fiber connectors.

Features of Fiberstore’s MTP Fiber Cable Solutions:
MTP breakout cable

  • Available in fiber counts from 8 to 144
  • Factory tested for insertion loss
  • Compact push-pull locking mechanism
  • Reduces installation time and costs
  • PC polish for multimode fiber; APC polish for single-mode fiber
  • Ribbon cables are 1/3 the size of tight buffered fiber optic cables, which enables them to fit into tight spaces and have a smaller minimum bend radius that meets TIA/EIA 604-5 (FOCIS-5) standard for MPO/MTP connectors.
  • Designed and tested to Telcordia-GR-1435
  • Lifetime warranty

NOTE: Custom configurations and test results are available by request. Contact your sales representative for details.

Fiberstore’s MTP Fiber Cable Styles

MTP Patch Cable:

  • 12 or 24 fiber strands with MTP connector on each end
  • Used for point to point application or for connections to standard fiber patch panels
  • Available in both single-mode and multimode fiber
  • Available in both PVC (OFNR) and plenum (OFNP) jackets

MTP Harness/Breakout Cable:

  • Cable has a single MTP connector on one end that breaks out into 6 or 12 connectors (LC, SC, ST, etc., MTP to LC breakout cables are generally the most popular.)
  • Typically 12 strands, also available in 24 strands
  • Designed to save front panel space and streamline fiber management
  • Available in both single-mode and multimode fiber
  • Available in both PVC (OFNR) and plenum (OFNP) jackets

MTP Trunk Cable:

  • Wide variety of strand counts and configurations – most common is the 12-strand plenum ribbon
  • Available in both single-mode and multimode fiber
  • Available in both PVC (OFNR) and plenum (OFNP) jackets
  • Manufactured with a pulling eye, enables cable to go around bends without getting tangled and protects the connector during installation

Key Applications of of MTP Fiber Cable Solutions:

  • Data Centers
  • Fiber Channel Storage
  • Parallel Processing Applications
  • Telecommunications
  • Optical Backplanes
  • Industrial Control Applications
  • Backbone Installations
  • Disaster Recovery
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