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To satisfy more applications of our life, Fiber Optic Sensing technology has grown in importance over the last few years. Fiber Optic sensing technology is now a fully mature and cost-effective technology which offers major advantages over conventional measurement methods. Especially the use of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) for measuring strain and temperature is now widespread throughout many industries and in many demanding applications. Sensing Fiber Optic Cable is a sensor based on optical fiber cable. Due to the physical quantities of outside environment, such as pressure vibrations, temperature changes, the transmission light intensity, phase, polarization, and other changes have changed. In order to detect the required physical quantities, Sensing Fiber Optic Cable is used because its more sensitive characteristic for some of these physical effects(see the following picture).

principle of Sensing Fiber Optic Cable

Applications of Sensing Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic sensor technology has been developed to satisfy particular needs in specific applications. It initially applied in the military. As the rapid development of technology, it becomes more generic and has a broad range of applications in more fields, even expected unforeseen applications will emerge. Sensing Fiber Optic Cable, as one important achievement of this technology now is widely used in Petrochemical, Steel, Mine for fire detecting, building health detecting, temperature detecting action.

Oil & Gas Industry

Being used for optimized production and integrity monitoring in risers, umbilicals and oil wells, and for subsea, reservoir and seismic monitoring.

Oil & Gas Industry


To monitor the temperature of energy production and distribution facilities, power cables, high voltage switch gears and transformers etc. and contribute to the optimization of performance and operational safety.



To monitor the soil movement, dams and construction areas, also understand and monitor hydrological processes in agriculture, oceans, lakes, rivers and sewers.



Installed in transportation infrastructures, along highways embeded in roads, bridges and rail tunnels to achieve efficient, fast, flexible and cost-effective structural monitoring as well as fire, ice or water detection.



To protect our borders and critical infrastructure, such as pipelines, power distribution, airports, construction sites or national borders.


Fire Prevention

Sensing Fiber Optic Cable can help preventing major damage in many cases by measure any temperature increase caused by local fires or overheating in a specific area accurately and swiftly.

Fire Prevention

Sensing Fiber Optic Cable in Fiberstore

There are 6 kinds of Sensing Fiber Optic Cables on sale in Fiberstore. Our sensing fiber optic cable with excellent mechanical performance makes it use as easy as a wire and adapt to various conditions.

PBT Tube Temperature Sensing Optical Cable

PBT-tube-gel-sensor-cableThe cable is consist of bare fiber, ointment, PBT imitation tubing, Kevlar and outer jacket which has a good performance of optic transmission, an excellent anti-electromagnet ability and resist water very well. It can be used for temperature and stress measurement, which is perfect for high voltage and electromagnetic area because of the nonmetallic structure.

Armored Temperature Detecting Sensor Cable

Armored Temperature Detecting Sensor CableIt is strengthened by both SUS spring tube and SUS braiding and has very good mechanical performance of tensile resistance and pressure resistance. The cable is widely used in fire detecting, building health detecting, temperature detecting, etc.

Silica Gel Sensing Fiber Optical Cable

Silica Gel Sensing Fiber Optical CableThe structure of cable is very simple, but the special Silicon jacket and Teflon tube ensure a very good performance of high temperature resistant and high voltage resistant so that it is very suitable for high temperature resistant and high voltage environment, it could work normally even in the 250 ℃ high temperature environment or 6kv high voltage environment.

Teflon Sheathed sensor cable

Teflon Sheathed sensor cableThe Teflon cable is very suitable for high temperature resistant environment, it could work normally even in the 150 ℃ environment. And it could be used for fiber temperature sensing system.

Seamless Tube Temperature Sensing Optical Cable

Seamless Tube Temperature Sensing Optical CableThe cable is make up of bare fiber, ointment, stainless steel seamless tube and sheath. Seamless tube can provide high tensile resistance and crush resistance. It is usually used in oil field, mine and chemical industry, for temperature and pressure inspection to avoid any accident.

Copper Braid Armored Sensor Cable

Copper Braid Armored Sensor CableCopper braid armored sensor cable could be used in outdoor optical fiber communication and optical fiber sensor. In power environment, the special cable structure could reduce the impact of electromagnetic wave and electromagnetic field, and make less optical signal loss.

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