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Simplex vs Duplex Fiber Optic Cables

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Simplex Fiber Optic Cables

Simplex means this cable is with only one thread of fiber optic glass inside the single core. Additionally, simplex cables are with one single outer jacket. Simplex fiber optic cable is used in applications that only require one-way data transfer. For instance, an interstate trucking scale that sends the weight of the truck to a monitoring station or an oil line monitor that sends data about oil flow to a central location. There are singlemode and simplex multimode fiber optic cable available. Single-mode simplex fiber optic cable is a great option for anyone setting up a cable network that will require data to travel in one direction over long distances. Since this type of cable only carries one ray of light at a time, it’s better for long-distance transmissions. Single-mode fiber is very reliable that it has a high-carrying capacity as well as lower power consumption than other options.

Analog to digital data readouts, interstate highway sensor relays, and automated speed and boundary sensors (for sports applications) are all great uses of Simplex fiber optic cable. This form of fiber cable can be cheaper than Duplex cables, because less material is involved. Simplex cable is compatible with any HDMI extender.

Duplex Fiber Optic Cables

Duplex fiber cable can be regarded as two simplex cables, either single mode or multimode, having their jackets conjoined by a strip of jacket material, usually in a zipcord (side-by-side) style. Use duplex multimode or singlemode fiber optic cable for applications that require simultaneous, bi-directional data transfer(One fiber transmits data one direction; the other fiber transmits data in the opposite direction). Duplex fiber is available in singlemode and multimode.

Duplex multimode fiber optic cable and Singlemode duplex cable alike are used for two-way data transfers. Larger workstations, switches, servers, and major networking hardware tends to require duplex fiber optic cable. Duplex cables can be more expensive than Simplex cables, and are compatible with any HDMI extender.

Simplex vs Duplex Fiber Optic Cables

Simplex and duplex are with various cable structure types; they are different from single mode and multi mode which are related to fiber optic glass types. Simplex and half-duplex systems use only one fiber to communicate, therefore, they are less expensive to build.

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