Single-mode 9/125 Fiber Loop back Module and Cable

Single-mode 9/125 Fiber Loop back Module and Cable

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Fiber Patch Cable also known as fiber jumper or fiber patch cord. Single-mode fiber Patch cable is primarily used for applications involving extensive distances. Multimode fiber optic patch cord, however, is the cable of choice for most common local fiber systems as the devices for multimode are far cheaper. Fiber optic patch cord is one of most commonly used components in fiber optic network. Fiber Loop back is designed to provide a media of return patch for a fiber optic signal; typically it is used for fiber optic testing applications or network restorations. For the testing applications, the loop back signal is used for diagnosing a problem. Sending a loop back test to network equipment, one at a time, is a technique for isolating a problem.    At here, i want to introduce about the Single-mode 9/125 Fiber Loop back module and cable.    the most popular types of fiber optic loop back modules are SC, LC, FC and MTRJ connector types. But each connector type is divided again by fiber type, connector polish type and attenuation.

Single-mode 9/125 Loop back Module is used in Single-mode 9/125 Fiber Testing Application. They are compliant with fast Ethernet, fiber channel, ATM and Gigabit Ethernet. LC loop back modules, SC loop back modules, MTRJ loop back modules are available. Fiber loopback modules are made with a variety of fiber cable jacket types, cable diameters, length or terminations.   Just as the saying before, it can be used in the fiber testing application. In telecommunications, loop back (short loop) is a hardware or software method which feeds a received signal or data back to the sender. It is used as an aid in debugging physical connection problems. As a test, many data communication devices can be configured to send specific patterns (such as all ones) on an interface and can detect the reception of this signal on the same port. This is called a  loop back test and can be performed within a modem or transceiver by connecting its output to its own input. A circuit between two points in different locations may be tested by applying a test signal on the circuit in one location, and having the network device at the other location send a signal back through the circuit. If this device receives its own signal back, this proves that the circuit is functioning.

As to the Single-mode 9/125 Fiber Loop back cable, it can be used in Single-mode 9/125 Fiber Testing Application, R&D,Fiber labs,Telecom testing,FTTX testing. and it almost has 8 inches standard length.

There are many other fiber cables, such as 110 Patch Cable, 1OG OM3 Fiber Patch Cable, OM1 62.5/125 Fiber Patch Cable, OM2 50/125 Fiber Patch Cable, SM 9/125 Fiber Patch Cable, Mode Condition Patch Cable.


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