Singlemode armoured cables and Multimode armored cables

Singlemode armoured cables and Multimode armored cables

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Armoured fiber patch cable, which is outside of the optical fiber and wrapped in a protective layer of “armor”, is mainly used to meet the requirements of customers rat bite, moisture proof, etc.

Armoured fiber optic patch cord apply in telecom long-distance optical fiber line, secondary main transmission. But generally armored fiber-optic network usually come into contact with, mostly used in machine building internal connection with the two sets of fiber optic network equipment. The armoured fiber patch cable length is relatively short. Often referred to as armoured fiber jumper.

Generally armoured fiber jumper is a layer of metal armoured in skin, make protection inside the fiber core, crush tensile resistance function, can prevent rat bite to eat by moth.

Indoor armored fiber patch cable:

Indoor armored fiber patch cable divided into singlemode armored cables and multimode armored cables.

Singlemode armoured cables excluding stainless steel woven wire cable.

Multimode armored cables refer to stainless steel woven wire cable.

Advantage: high tensile, high pressure, resist improper torsional bending damage, and the construction is simple, saving the maintenance cost; adapt to all kinds of bad environment and artificial damage.

Weakness: the weight heavier than that common optical cable. Higher price than common optical cable.

There are lightly armoured and heavy armoured(outdoor fiber optic cable). Light armoured  has steel strip and aluminum belt, is to strengthen and the rodents bite. Heavy armor is a coil wire outside the bread, commonly used in river bed, the bottom of the sea. General armored cable on market cheaper than non armoured cable, usually steel, aluminum is much cheaper than aramid (aramid fiber mainly used in special occasions).

This patch cable is specifically ideal for light to medium duty indoor/outdoor applications. Armored Fiber Patch Cable use rugged shell with aluminum armor and kevlar inside the jacket, and it is 10 times stronger than regular fiber optic cable. This will help make the armored fiber patch cord resistant of high tension and pressure. The armored fiber patch cable has a 40% higher rated range of operating temperature. For more information about armored fiber patch cables, pls visit our website:

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