Some Tips In Splicing Your Fiber Optic Cable

Some Tips In Splicing Your Fiber Optic Cable

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Fiber Optic Fusion splicer is a must in the process of properly joining two bare optical fiber together. Since splicing fiber optic cables together is a much more complex process than splicing metal wires, it works together with the fiber cleaver to meet the end need. Before using the fusion splicer, we need to cut the fiber optic cable and take away all the fiber cable jacket, then use fiber optic cleaver to make the fiberglass end face ready, after finishing these work we can use the fiber fusion splicer to melt the two fiberglass together.

Talking about splicing fiber optic cable, you will find two different types of splicing processes. Here are some tips in splicing your cable by using this certain method. You have to notice first that fusion splicing is generally a bond of two or more optical fibers that joined together permanently by welding. You need to provide splice cleaver if you want to have less problems of light loss or reflection. Making such a poor spice causes the ends of the fiber could not melt together properly, and surely it could cause problems.

First, you can start to prepare the fiber. Strip all coatings. tubes, as well as jackets of your cable and make sure that you have only bare fiber left. Clean all of the filing gel from the fiber by using gel cleaner. Ensuring that you are cleaning it well since clean environment will be great to support better connection.

Second, you can cleave the fiber. You need to provide a good cleaver to get an excellent splice. You can align the fibers either automatically or manually when you fusing the fibers together. It will be depended on the type of your machine.

Third, you can take heat shrink tubing to protect the fiber. It will be perfect to keep the optical fiber of your cable safe from any elements that might create breakage.

Now your cable has been spliced successfully. In order to get maximum splicing result, it will be better for you to provide some supporting tools in great quality. Therefore, you will not feel disappointed with the splicing result of the cable.

This fusion splicer is a well performed automated fusion-splicing machines. offer a range of fiber Fusion splicers,such as Fujikura fusion splicer and Sumitomo fusion splicer,Fitel Furukawa fusion splicer.

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