SWOT Analysis for Current PON Technology Development and Future Development

SWOT Analysis for Current PON Technology Development and Future Development

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PON, as a new technology, in recent years it has been used in the domestic large area. Technology products will have a certain application at first, but later combined with software in the direction of value-added business development is the focus in the future , now we make SWOT analysis for PON technology.

1, Access to large quantity of users. Compared with the traditional DSL access, PON makes the distance between OLT and ONU compared to conventional expansion. Spectral features can bring more users. More conducive to the user’s future strategic development of FTTH.

2, Higher bandwidth. PON can generally through the APON to EPON to GPON, core technology transformation. Promote the development of the whole industry chain. Make a single user can be expanded to the largest that up to 100 m (2-3 years) in the future.

3, Ratio scalable, the industry of PON has most advanced technology but still in a standard development process. Ratio can be as the business increase exponentially in the late extension mode. More conducive to business.

4, Fiber transmission distance, compared with traditional DSL, 20 kilometers achieved in pull far technology within the access scope of the users.


1, The power supply. Some of PON technologies will be the original fixed telephone business. But in terms of power supply, various manufacturers have launched their own measures to solve this disadvantage. Such as POE, UPS, etc.

2. Maintenance is difficult. Mainly in the configuration of command and related fault positioning and rapidly opening business ability.

3, The light attenuation dielectric constant. Mainly due to the new environment, and the corresponding optical fiber sprocket routing towards the problem, and the fiber optic light path caused by the middle sprocket of bad business loss is too big and lead to instability.


1, The ministry of the strategy of broadband speed is bound to make the traditional DSL access into the road, in order to achieve large area to more than 20m access speed. Can only use PON technology. Other technologies does not have the optimal cost performance characteristics after comprehensive consideration.

2, the development of new technology. Mainly is the three nets fusion, is bound to a high bandwidth, imagine you are at the bottom of the bandwidth. three net in IPTV business in the future trend is obvious. Then there is the whole business operations, and the mobile Internet, streaming media application is bound to family access bandwidth requirements referred to a new height.


1, Many manufacturers, each manufacturer of r&d competition technology development is the first guarantee, also the most important product will be accepted by the market characteristics. Each manufacturer in PON technology competition is particularly fierce. Optical devices such as optical splitters and optical attenuators is the core of the future competition on the PON technology weapons.

2, GB standard has set, the first person to set standards in the industry. Then follow the products will be according to the standards. The international standard is formulated. Threaten some vendors on the way of internationalization. The corresponding royalties and the safety of the product characteristics is bound to be disciplined by others.

3, The human factors. Such as dependence on the traditional technology, insufficient understanding to the development of new technology. Grassroots environmental factors will hinder the development of PON.

To sum up, PON technology in the future will have two direction:

1, Combined with WLAN technology. Is mainly combined with 802.11 n. Used in low-speed or a fixed place of wireless Internet applications. Because of the greater access to the rate of 802.11 n determines the upper fiber transmission rate can breakthrough the limitation of network cable and twisted-pair cable and optical fiber to replace.

2, Combined with the application layer of the TV business, mainly provide IPTV applications, because of the high bandwidth can meet future IPTV, and even some on demand business. After all, my bandwidth is faster than you, business experience will be more dominant.


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