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Use Direct Attach Cable Assemblies for Data Center Interconnection

Posted on by FS.COM
Direct attach cable assemblies, including copper (DAC, direct attach copper cable) and fiber (AOC, active optical cable) types, are mainly used as media to support high tran More...

Cost-effectively Scale Data Center to 40G With Active Copper Cables

Posted on by FS.COM
The development of cabling technology in data center is driven by the ever-increasing bandwidth needs. The battle in data center between cabling performance, transmission d More...

What Makes 40G Active Optical Cable So Popular in Data Center?

Posted on by FS.COM
40 GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) era is already upon us and makes a contribution to satisfying the increasing demands of higher throughputs and bandwidth. 40G Active Optical Cables (AOC More...

40G Migration Is Underway

Posted on by FS.COM
Optical communication industry is a rapidly growing field which is closely related to the growth of the economy and people’s daily life. Optical transceivers can be one of the most typical optical components th More...

Active Optical Cable (AOC) – Rising Star of Telecommunications & Datacom Transceiver Markets

Posted on by FS.COM
With the advent of the big-data age, the cloud technology has developed rapidly. In order to satisfy the demands of higher bandwidth and more application More...
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