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Supported Optics for Arista 7250QX-64

Posted on by FS.COM
In 10G/40G data center, switches must not only provide high performance, scalability and density, but also should meet the requirements of system availability, reliability or functionality. The Arista 7 More...

Network Interconnection for Cisco Nexus 6004 Switch

Posted on by FS.COM
Cisco Nexus 6000 series switches can provide high-density 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet in an energy-efficient, compact form factor. They features the benefits of offering high performance, s More...

Optics Interconnecting Solutions for Cisco IE 5000 Series Switches

Posted on by FS.COM
In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), switches are required to deliver high speed, low latency, and fast device configuration so that we can get high efficiency and ne More...

Market Trends for Optical Interconnection Hardware in 2016

Posted on by FS.COM
According to a report named “Optical Network Hardware Tracker” provided by IHS, a research company, the year of 2015 is a year of harvest to many vendors in optical com More...

Cost-effectively Scale Data Center to 40G With Active Copper Cables

Posted on by FS.COM
The development of cabling technology in data center is driven by the ever-increasing bandwidth needs. The battle in data center between cabling performance, transmission d More...
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