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Introduction to Active WDM System

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At present, as most companies are planning for disaster recovery scenarios more than ever, many data centers have multiple geographic locations for minimizing disruptions when unexpected events occur. But h More...

The Introduction of Transponder Based DWDM System

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The evolution of DWDM systems stemmed from a need to increase the capacity of a single fiber, and thus the entire network, in an inexpensive way. While the idea behind using a single fiber t More...

An Overview of DWDM Technology and DWDM System Components

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Telecommunications makes wide use of optical techniques in which the carrier wave belongs to the classical optical domain. The wave modulation allows transmission of analog or digita More...

The DWDM Equipment Used in Metropolitan Area Network

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The long distances made possible by advances in technologies such as optical amplifiers, dispersion compensators, and new fiber types, resulted in the initial deployment of DWDM technolog More...

An Outlook and the Impact of Optical Amplifiers on 100G WDM Netwoks

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Outlook of the WDM Netorks The throughput in optical networks is increasing inexorably, the backhauling traffic generated by triple-play and video-on-demand services being More...

The Development of DWDM EDFA for L-Band and C-Band

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What is DWDM EDFA? Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier is short for EDFA, is a kind of active optical device that can be signal amplification. And DWDM EDFA series is designed for multi-wavelength More...
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