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Advantages Of Fiber Optic Transmission And Application In CCTV System

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The basic architecture of fiber optical communication is only “fiber transmitter” and “fiber receiver” converter units, so that when we want to tr More...

Fiber Optic Transmission Multiplexing Technique

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In fiber optic communication, multiplexing is considered to be the principal means for the expansion of existing fiber network engineering. Since optical data can be carried by employing diffe More...

Intel to Demonstrate Optical Fiber Data Transmission Technology

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Intel is the initial deployment of optical fiber, optical fiber will use laser and light faster mobile data computer, most computers use to replace the current old and slow wir More...

Google and Facebook How To Use Fibre Network Upgrade Transmission Speed?

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Traditional network equipment has been unable to cope with the huge data traffic A morning in 2011, an engineer of the world’s most popular social network Faceboo More...
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