Test Fiber Cables More Easily by Using Bare Fiber Adapters

Test Fiber Cables More Easily by Using Bare Fiber Adapters

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Bare fiber adapters provide a simple and effective way to use unterminated fibers with commercial receptacles. Bare fiber adapters are used as the medium to link the bare optical fiber to fiber optic equipment. The bare fiber optic adapters have the bare optical fiber inside on one side; the other side of the adapter is a connector that can plug into the equipment. Fiber optic cable is more fragile than normal copper cables. Care should always be used with fiber optic cable. However, normal fiber optic cables have sufficient outer coating, covers and strain relief so extreme care is not needed. Broken fibers are easily removed with piano wire, allowing hundreds of insertions. They are recommended for power meter hookups, temporary system repairs or wherever a quick fiber connection is required.

The fiber cables are especially fragile next to the bare fiber adapter connectors and can easily be broken if care is not taken. Broken fibers can cause injury and should be disposed of carefully. If a fiber breaks when using the bare fiber adapters, simply repeat the fiber stripping process described above. Standard adapters accommodate 81 micron, 125 micron or 140 micron cladding fibers with a typical insertion loss of less than 1dB.

Bare fiber adapters are used for test appearance and temporary conjunction between fiber optics extensively (repair fiber optic cable urgently).There are SC, FC, ST, LC connectors are available. For example, the LC bare fiber adapters use 125mm diameter ceramic ferrule with PC and APC end-face. The bare fiber adapter method was the original method for penetrating small holes in shielded walls until the availability of the LC style optical connector. But now we simply strip and cleave your fiber and insert into the LC bare fiber adapter. This adapter is very useful for connecting fibers to power meters Optical time-domain reflectometers OTDRs and a variety of other instruments enabling in-situ functional testing without having to attach a permanent connector.

Bare fiber adapters are applicated widely. Usually they make fast and temporary fiber optic connections in communication system. The Bare Fiber Adapter kits can test bare fiber, fiber on the reel, fiber before and after installation. They comes in a belt-hanger zipper case and includes everything needed to test any fiber optic cable.

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