The Applications of Cable Ties

The Applications of Cable Ties

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Cable Ties (also known as wire ties or zip ties) come in a variety of types and sizes. They are used to bundle and secure wire and cable. Cable zip ties are the most basic and economical tool for every type of cable management. It has such a wide range of applications, it has reached many fields of our daily life. Due to its application and cost effective is not only used in professional and network wiring, and it is used for each application, which will be required. In general cable ties are very useful in all applications where supporting or holding of wires and other similar objects is required.

The basic characteristics of the cable tie is that once it is used to provide a specific control, it has control of forever, unless it is deleted. Due to its unique design in which a nylon strip with a geared rack with one ratchet cased at one end is used, at the end of the once inserted into the case and tighten, any size, cannot loosen it makes hold forever. In any case it can be at ease, if we need to open this to any changes we need to cut and replace a new cable tie according to new requirements. This type of cable ties are for one time use only. This can be a good choice as a temporary lock and one of the most common application, you will find that deal with the baggage at the airport. They use it as a temporay lock for loosely packed luggage or locking other open areas of the luggage.

In a professional layout for cable management in any building, office, house use of cable ties can not be ignored at all but there are so many smaller applications where we can see the most cost effective and easiest to use type of tool. It may be managing cables in a bicycle or any other two wheelers, transport vehicles, holding wires in CPU of computer or any normal household application to hold smaller objects.

In case we need to bundle a few cables running from onw corner of house to another corner, just hold the cables together, wrap a cable tie along it making a loop, insert the strip in into ratchet case and pull through it up to a desired level of tightness and it is over. And a few more such cable ties at suitable distance and the messy look of hanging wires will disappear. Normal cable ties are one time use which can be taken as the only one disadvantage but due to its low cost and easy way for organizing messy wires, this disadvantage is well compensated.

These are usually made by nylon cable ties and has a good strength to hold almost any type of object in our normal life. It plays very important role in temporary construction site like a barbed fence, temporary shelter, management messy looking power and data cables etc. It is widely accepted and used in almost every segment such as house, office, residential and commercial buildings, industrial and agricultural sites, packaging industry, food supply and pharmaceutical and so on. Sometimes stainless steel cable ties are also used for specific application. One more special type of metal detection cable ties are used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries to comply with the safety standards set by the local government departments.

The only major shortcomings, one time use cable ties, is taken care now and a few reusable cable zip ties are also available in the market like cable hook and loop fasteners and mille ties. Flag type of zip ties is also available on which some coding, logo or any other type of indications can be marked. Different colored cable ties can be found for the purpose of color coding and also for matching to surrounding color.


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