The CCTV Security Tester FiberStore Provides (2)

The CCTV Security Tester FiberStore Provides (2)

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Last time we have made a brief description of what CCTV security tester is, and its function. And we have concentrate on the CCTV tester PRO STest-89x series CCTV security tester. Today let’s have an knowledge of its application and the other kind of CCTV security tester.
The CCTV Security Tester is usually used in a CCTV system installation and maintenance. b. Dome camera and all in one camera testing. c. The CCTV transmitting channel testing. d. PTZ controller. And
besides the six different types of CCTV tester PRO STest-89x series CCTV security tester, we can also provide other models. Like the Pro 3.5″ TFT LCD CCTV Camera Tester ST3000PRO. It is a kind of product is applied to closed circuit TV monitor system, bus alarm system, and RS485 and RS232 data communications. And it is a classic product for the installment, debugging, maintenance and exclusion of equipment failure of site operators to improve the efficiency of site engineers. And it has many matters need attention. Just as the following:
1. During its transportation and storage, you should mind that: a. You should hand the item carefully during transportation to avoid collision and drop. b. You should avoid the using of it under severe environment, and kept out of the direct sun. c. It should also be stored in well ventilated and dry environment to prevent the item from becoming damp. d. Since the TFT screen is very delicate, please dot lay it hard or throw it about. e. At last, please be soft when cleaning it, please wipe off the dirt with a dry cloth, and wild detergent are allowed.
2. Really serious warnings about the battery charging: a. For the two 2000MA lithium batteries that used as power supply for this item, it should only be charged by the original charger. No non-dedicated lithium battery charger or common DC power supply is allowed, otherwise, it may cause damage to the batteries, even destroy the whole device. It should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from windshield, to avoid possible explosion of lithium battery due to the temperature rise. b. If the electric quantity is lower than 20%, the battery needs prompt charging. The power indicator will alarm the shortage with slow blink, and when the warning buzzer works, the operation must be stopped and get charged immediately, though this device can still work at this time, the low power may result in an unstable operating system. The LED light is red during the charging, and it turns green when the charging is finished. Then, you can pull out the charger and back into the normal operation.
3. During the using, you should be cautions about the following three points: a. In application, it must be in accordance with local rules for use of electrical equipment. b. It shouldn’t be operated under wet environment. If it is wet, please cut down the power supply and other wires immediately, and consult with maintenance man, because moisture may cause damage to the system, which will result in possible dangers. c. Never disassemble this device by yourself, no components could be maintained by users, and once the seal is destroyed, the guarantee of repair is deemed to be given up.
That’s all for the notices. Let’s come to its main technical specifications: Video input pattern: PAL/ NTSC, Video output: 1.0Vp-p, PTZ control protocol: PELCO-D PELCO-P SAE YAAN etc., Baud rate: 1200bp 2400bps9600bp 19200bps, Data interfaces: RS485 RS232, Working temperature: 5℃+50℃. Welcome to contact us at if you have any questions, we will provide you the best service.

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