The Connections between iPhone App and CCTV Security Cameras

The Connections between iPhone App and CCTV Security Cameras

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In my last two essays, I have made a concise introduction of the CCTV Security Camera Testers on our website, well, since we have mentioned the CCTV Security Camera Tester, we should also do not ignore the CCTV Security Camera. CCTV Camera Pros is a direct supplier of security cameras and video surveillance systems for home, business and government applications, so the CCTV Security Camera is really plays an important in the surveillance system. And here in this essay we are going to talk the some iPhone Apps which can view CCTV cameras.

A co-founder and managing partner at CCTV Camera Pros, who is a subject matter expert in the area of video surveillance and mobile software applications, once wrote in this blog that: one of the most popular questions that he hear from our customers is “What is the best iPhone app to view CCTV cameras remotely over the Internet?” Just as we all know, with the exploding growth of iPhone usage worldwide, it is no surprise that users with video surveillance systems want to view cameras installed in their home and businesses from their iphone. And here below are the two surveillance solutions and its accordingly best iPhone apps that CCTV Camera Pros recommends for viewing CCTV cameras:

a. One solution uses an Internet enabled stand alone DVR, the iDVR, and its representative iPhone app is Mobile CMS App for iPhone.

The iDVR is the best CCTV DVR in its price range that has the type of high end quality and remote viewing support that it does. The iDVR is exclusively sold by CCTV Camera Pros and is available in 4, 8, and 16 channel models. There is a free mobile CMS iPhone app that is compatible with the iDVR that allows users to view their cameras remotely in single screen view as well as 4, 8, and 16 camera view grids on one screen. The app connects to the DVR’s H.264 video stream which enables very fast response time even over slower Internet connections. In addition to supporting remote view for iPhone, the app also works in 2x display mode for iPad and an app is also available for Android and Blackberry smart phones. If you want to view from a laptop or desktop computer, both Windows and Mac computers are supported. All in all, the quality of this app is the best that we have seen for a stand alone recorder.

b. The other uses an add-on device called a network video server that enables Internet access for CCTV cameras (with or without the use of a DVR). And its delegate is the Geovision GV-Eye iPhone App.

If you already have a DVR that you do not want to replace but it is missing support for iPhone access, then a Geovision GV-VS04H IP video server and the GV-Eye iPhone app may be the perfect solution for you. The GV-VS04H allows you to connect up to 4 CCTV cameras to it. The video server enables access to your cameras from the iPhone using the free GV-Eye app. Users can easily split the video signals from each of their cameras between their existing DVR and the Geovision video server.The GV-Eye iPhone app supports viewing one or 4 cameras per screen and also supports connecting to multiple video servers and Geovision IP cameras. This allows users to view multiple locations from the same app session.

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