The Details of RJ45 Interface Connector
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The Details of RJ45 Interface Connector

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Network era, the connector has been becoming more and more popular in our life. All kinds of wire, all kinds of fiber optic cable will likely require a connector. We provide a series of Fiber Connectors in FiberStore. Today, we mainly introduced the RJ – 45 connector.

The RJ45 network cord, also known as crystal head, made a total of eight core, widely used in LAN and ADSL broadband Internet users between network devices, network cable connection (referred to as the five lines or twisted pair). RJ45 plug type and cable are two connection methods (line sequence) were referred to as T568A line order and T568B wire order in the specific application. RJ45 line Sort divided into two types, one is orange and white, orange, green, white, blue, blue, green, brown, white, brown; the other is green and white, green, orange and white, blue, blue and white , orange, brown, white, brown.

Crystal Head is a kind of can insert along a fixed direction and automatically to prevent loss of plastic connectors, commonly known as “crystal head”, jargon for RJ – 45 connector .RJ – 45 is a kind of network interface specification(similar and RJ – 11 interface, is our common used “telephone interface”, used to connect telephone lines). As they called it “the crystal head”, because its looks glittering and translucent and transparent. Crystal head is suitable for the equipment or horizontal subsystem field termination, shell material with high density polyethylene. Both ends of the twisted pair must be installed RJ-45 plug to plug the RJ-45 connector on the network interface card (NIC),the Hub or Switch on RJ 45  interface, for network communication. Each of the twisted pair at both ends by installing crystal head with nic connected to a hub (or switch). RJ45 interface is typically used for data transmission, the most common application interfaces for the network card.

10/100 Base TX RJ45 interface Ethernet interface, to support 10 trillion and 100 trillion adaptive network connection speed, common RJ45 connector into two categories: used in ethernet card, router, DTE type of Ethernet interface, etc, and the DCE types used in switches, etc. DTE we can call “data terminal equipment”, DCE we can known as “data communications equipment”. In a sense, DTE device known as the “active communication equipment”, DCE devices referred to as “passive communication equipment”. When two types of devices using RJ45 interface connection communication, must use a crossover cable connection.

In network products, network cable and crystal head may be ordinary but again. Although Internet cable and crystal head is not important things, but if the quality of cable with crystal head is not good, then when surfing the Internet for transmission and the exchange of important data will often meet all kinds of puzzling problem, cause unnecessary trouble. So the choose and buy of cables and crystal head or try to choose some better quality products, in particular, some require standard test project, more strict requirements. The network cable is divided into two kinds: one kind is a coaxial cable, is another kind of twisted pair, In most circumstances we how using 10 baset cabling for its flexibility and reliability, or if a single cable must be 325 feet or longer you will need to install a repeater to amplify the signal through the cable. This is where thin coax (10 base2) is sometimes preferred as it can be as long as 600 feet.Our RJ45 Plugs are with high quality and have superior performance in your networking system.

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