The Development of DWDM EDFA for L-Band and C-Band

The Development of DWDM EDFA for L-Band and C-Band

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What is DWDM EDFA?

Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier is short for EDFA, is a kind of active optical device that can be signal amplification. And DWDM EDFA series is designed for multi-wavelength amplification, featuring high power, high gain over flat and wide band.

The birth of Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier is a revolutionary breakthrough.It makes possible for the long distance,large capacity,high speed optical fiber communication.The development of its research and application of optical fiber communication has important significance.In recent years,fiber optic DWDM EDFA System is being rapidly develop in our country. DWDM EDFA has been widely used in optical fiber system.The development of DWDM EDFA and application of EDFA for DWDM system optical amplifier fiber communication has important significance.

Features of DWDM EDFA system
Interstage Loss (8.0dB) for 10G model
High Saturation Output Power 19dBm
AGC/APC/ACC operation available
Single +5V Operation
Economical, Compact Package : 150 x 120 x 24mm (with heat sink)
Development of EDFA for L-Band
It was known that usual silica based EDFs had amplification property at wavelengths longer than 1570 nm. This fact had been neglected, however, until a strong need for amplification band expansion arose from the DWDM systems side because of the poor amplification efficiency at such long wavelengths.

The Configuration of L-band EDFA

Characteristics of L-band EDFA

L-band EDFAs
require long lengths of EDFs longer than those for conventional
C-band EDFAs by as much as five to ten times.
One of the characteristics of L-band EDFAs is that almost flat gain performance is obtained over the entire band of 1570-1600nm dispensing with gain-equalizing filters.

Development of EDFA For C-Band

Development of EDFAs for DWDM C-Band is identical to technology development of how to achieve a gain flatness.

When it comes to the entire bandwidth of 1530-1560 nm,however, the steep gain peak at around 1532 nm constitutes an obstacle making it impossible to obtain flat gain characteristics only by controlling the population inversion rate. Accordingly, it is normal practice to use gain-equalizing filter to flatten the gain in this band.

FiberStore DWDM EDFA modules are designed for long distance DWDM communication systems. With gain flattening filter (GFF), EDFA offers constant flat gain for multi-channel DWDM systems, The EDFA works at C-band(1528 to 1603nm) or L-band (1570 to 1604nm), integrates electric driver, remote control, temperature control,and alarm circuits all together in a small package. The EDFA has assembled up to three pump lasers to meet the different output power levels required by DWDM systems and protect the pump failure.


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