The Development Trend of CWDM Products

The Development Trend of CWDM Products

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The CWDM Mux/De-mux is a universal device capable of combining nine optical signals into a fiber pair, it is designed to interoperate with both the Wave-Ready line of transponder and optical regenerator solutions as well as CWDM transponders and small form-factor pluggables (SFPs) used in widely available transmission equipment.

In nowadays, CWDM products are widely used in the world, so more and more people are thinking the problem of what’s the development trend of CWDM products?
Recently, the optical transceiver module and the multiplexing and de-multiplexing device price is one of key factors to restrict the CWDM product development. With the development of the market and advances in manufacturing technology, to further reduce the cost of equipment is an important development direction. To develop E wave band optical device technologies to make CWDM products mature as soon as possible, to develop 10G rate optical channel technology to improve the capacity and scalability of CWDM system and to support various business interface is the CWDM development direction. Metropolitan area network access layer on the service interface need is the motivation for each manufacturer to further develop multi-business interface. CWDM equipment will provide FE, GE, SDH, ESCON, FC services interface. Another development direction is to combine with MSTP or high performance routing and switching devices as a method to extended line side capacity of MSTP devices or high speed router. To provide multiple levels of the optical layer and the business layer protection function is also a direction of development as to meet the needs of different customers.
The further improvement of network management technology and the equipment safety, reliability and other aspects could improve the competitiveness in the market.
For the newly launched G.652C fiber, the G.652C cable price is two of that of G.652B. As E band CWDM optical transceiver module technology is not mature, it is unlikely to use whole band CWDM equipment in the short term (1 – 2 years). Using G.652C cable has the problem of large investment, on effectiveness in short-terms, so there are some certain restrictions to use G.652C fiber in metropolitan optical network.
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