The Difference Between Visual Fault Locator and Fiber Optical Identifier

The Difference Between Visual Fault Locator and Fiber Optical Identifier

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Are one of the most important tools for testing in our network are Visual Fault Locator and Fiber Optical Identifier. But sometimes we mistake them as the same equipment. To tell the truth, they are different test tools.

1. Visual Fault Locator

Fiber visual fault locator is a kind of device which is able to locate the breakpoint, bending or cracking of the fiber glass. It can also locate the fault of OTDR dead zone and make fiber identification from one end to the other end. Designed with a FC,SC,ST universal adapter, this fiber fault locator is used without any other type of additional adapters, it can locates fault up to 10km in fiber cable, with compact in size, light in weight, red laser output.

This device is based on laser diode visible light source, when the light injected into the fiber, if fiber fracture, connector failure, bending over, poor weld quality failure by launching the light of the fiber to fiber fault visualization positioning.Visual Fault Locator launched a continuous wave (CW) or pulsed mode. The typical frequency of 1Hz or 2Hz, but can also work in the kHz range. Usually the output power of 0dBm (1mW) or less, the working distance of 2 to 5km, and to support all the common connector.

2. Fiber Optical Identifier

Fiber Optical Identifier, it is a very sensitive photodetectors. When you will be a fiber bending, some light radiation from the fiber core. The light will be detected by the fiber identification, technical staff according to these light can be a single fiber in the multi-core optical fiber or patch panel identified from the other fiber out.

Optical Fiber Identifier can detect the status and direction of the light does not affect the transmission. In order to make this work easier, usually at the sending end to the test signal modulated into 270Hz, 1000Hz or 2000Hz and injected into a specific fiber. Most of the optical fiber identifier for the operating wavelength of 1310nm or 1550nm single-mode fiber optical fiber, optical fiber identifier can use the macro bending technology to identify the direction and power of the transmission fiber and the fiber under test online.

Optical fiber identifier is an essential installation and maintenance instrument which can identify the optical fiber by detecting the optical signals transmitted through the cables, during this process the fiber optic identifier do no harm or damage to the fiber cable and it also do not need opening the fiber at the splice point for identification or interrupting the service.

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