The Era of Big Data and Promote 40G Ethernet Into The Mainstream

The Era of Big Data and Promote 40G Ethernet Into The Mainstream

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Mobile broadband equipment and the number of Internet devices continues to increase, so that long-term move to the sharp rise in broadband Internet data transmission, to promote the transfer rate of the rear section of the backbone network equipment must also upgrade to mobile broadband technology seamlessly with, and provide users with the mostgood use of the experience. Targeting this opportunity, chip launched corresponding products to meet market demand.

Mobile backbone network transmission rate continued to improve. Since the advent of the era of Big Data, as well as the rapid growth of mobile broadband communications transmission rate, prompting the rear section of the backbone network including networking equipment, servers, etc. also need to further enhance the transmission rate, in order to cope with a huge amount of data traffic.

So 40Gb Ethernet and 25Gbit / s backplane market began to ferment the network chip makers have also introduced a new generation of products to meet the market demand.

40G Ethernet road towards mainstream

The era of big data is in the offing, due to the increasing popularity of Internet devices, also contributed to a cloud computing data center Ethernet switches must have higher transfer rates, expected 2014 40Gb Ethernet will replace 10GbE. Assist Ethernet switch manufacturers successfully upgrade to 40GbE, chip Broadcom launch new generation of 10/40GbE switch.

Bertone, director of product marketing, Sujal Das said, amplification system, or to enchance the transmission rate of the switch, the cloud data center server and switch manufacturers to expand the number of ports by stars 10GbE switch chip built-in printed circuit board, orlayered with over-Internet users to increase the number of switches to for further management. However, these ways are faced with a number of switch more to take up too much space, and power consumption and the cost is too high. Highly integrated 40GbE switch system-on-chip (SoC), to bring the advantages of scalability, small size and flexible framework for the data center, thus becoming favored by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Das and pointed,2012-2016 of 40GbE-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of up to 130%, and in 2014 will replace 10GbE become the market mainstream. In view of the imminent outbreak of 40GbE market opportunities, Broadcom homeopathic launched a new generation of support 10 and 40GbE Trident II, support up to 104 ports, allows customers flexibility with 10GbE and 40GbE port number, such as 104 ports of 10GbE, or 96 port 10GbE plus 8 port 40GbE 64 port 10GbE plus 16-port 40GbE or the 32-port 40GbE, the mix allows the Trident II series to reach 1,040 the G-1, 280Gb bandwidth.

Das said The Trident II at the same time support 10GbE and 40GbE port biggest purpose is to make the customer as soon as possible and smooth network system upgrade to 40GbE When combined with Broadcom cloud optimization techniques, switch devices can not only transfer rate fastercan also have a low-power, high-performance and other characteristics.

Improve data throughput commercial fiber backplane upgrade 25Gbit / s

To meet the growing almost limitless mobile broadband communications transmission rate, network equipment and server industry has begun import 25Gbit/s fiber optic backplane to improve data
throughput, prompting 25Gbit/s commercial demand for fiber optic connector backplane gradually warming. Visible, field-programmable gate array (FPGA) introduced the built-in fiber transceivers components 20-nanometer (nm) program, in response to this development needs.

Misha Burich, Altera technology officer and senior vice president, global LTE development continues to expand, the back-end network devices, servers and light modules, processing speed and transfer rate is also rising even above the device’s built-in memory, but the networking equipmentor server, respnsible for links with optical module board backplane per port only up to 10Gbit/s, dragged down the overall transfer rate, therefore 25Gbit/s backplane market began to ferment.

Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) pointed out that the next three years, server or network device’s built-in 100Gbit / s optical module plate number will continue to improve, and this will enable Netcom equipment industry is facing new pressure of design and cost. Burich pointed out that, to improve the transmission rate of the existing components, it takes a long design time, but if use multiple components to achieve speed requirements, but to increase the overall cost of a BOM (BOM cost).

In order to solve the cost of network equipment manufacturers, performance and power consumption of the design pressure, Altera Interposter on Chip 2.5D stacking technology, the 20-nm process FPGA system-on-chip, memory, or fiber optic module, application-specific integrated circuit(ASIC) Die integration.

Burich pointed out that, with respect to the existing 28-nanometer products, new products not only enhance tenfold system integration, triple bandwidth and DSP performance increased five times, you can also save 60% ​​power consumption.

In addition, the new 20-nm FPGA built-in electrical chip transceiver transfer rates of up to 56Gbit / s, Netcom manufacturers without adding excessive cost, and can be upgraded to 25Gbit / s backplane.

The Burich stressed 20nm products will be first used in accounting for the Altera overall revenues of 45% of the communications market, including the application of the broadcast, large base stations, packet processing and optical fiber links.

The rapid development of the LTE, after paragraph backbone network with the times, to enhance the transmission rate. While the the soaring market trends in order to meet the posterior segment backbone network transmission rate, chip makers pull out all the stops and launched new products, the period to seize a place in the market.


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