The Fiber Gigabit Households: Ripe or Too Early?
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The Fiber Gigabit Households: Ripe or Too Early?

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In the first half of last year, the industry is still one of megabytes calls for households. Think ADSL era and the era of centralized CMTS, user access rate of a few megabytes, not more than 10 megabytes, the 100MB households can enjoy the service this is so exciting: fast internet, interactive multi-screen, high-definition on-demand, almost all converged services can be hosted by Fast access. As a result, in the chaotic unorganized radio and television in the access network technology, no matter how niche technology, are said swear swear they can provide Fast bandwidth, at least also in the development. Not to mention some mainstream such as DOCSIS, MoCA, HomeplugAV, HINOC many Ultra-Fast’s technology.


However, Fast is not yet a large area of commercial, to the end of the year, and calls for a Gigabit households, issued such a feeling a lot of people: Today’s truly an era of rapid development, fast dazzling fast so the dizzying, Moore’s Law frequently been challenged in the internet field. Gigabit household, really necessary? Is it too early?

But supporters tell us the story of the Google Fiber, the story said The Google Fiber package available to customers, very clearly tell consumers: as little as $300 qequipment fee, you can enjoy 7 years of free broadband service; Just spend the $70 monthly fee, you can enjoy a 120-channel high-definition TV and ultra-high-speed Internet access. Google fiber from Kansas, the FTTH service plan plan to the nation’s rapid advance. The supporters then told the radio and television, and now, all access technologies can provide Gigabit households, including the lowest bandwidth wireless WiFi from 300M to 1G also announced LTE 4G technology can 1G to mobile phones, more Needless to say FTTH (FTTH Fiber Optic Cable).

From a competition point of view, if others are to provide gigabit households capabilities, while the radio is also stuck in the era of megabytes, then the user will choose who is it? From the application point of view, so far, perhaps when the the ultrahigh SD 3D is not yet universal, Fast and Ultra-Fast households have more than enough. In the same lot, however, like to spend the same money to buy a house, a hundred square meters, one thousand square meters, despite the head of the household is feeling one thousand meters ward live up is not necessary, but most people probably still the spirit of not white unwanted psychological choose kilometers ward.

I would like to ask of you: Leaving aside the demand, single from competitors on the dynamic analysis, Gigabit households, the necessity of it on radio and TV?

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