The Fiber Optic Story Journey

The Fiber Optic Story Journey

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Recently, the package tours to the United States to participate in the East and West Coasts tour. That day, we bid farewell in Buffalo, marching to New York. On the way stopped before in a museum tour guid, which is the world-renowned Corning belongs. We all know it is glass products, in fact, it is the pioneer of TV with a special glass, world’s the first practical fiber is from Corning. Responding to the fiber development rapidly, dating back to the inventor of the optical fiber, the people of Shanghai, so on travel buses, I told about the story of some fiber.

Now, we can feel increasingly rich television programs, online information’s worth almost nothing to limit the distance of the call. Here the mystery of what is it? Is because fiber! It is one mainly composed of hair-thin optical fibers made ​​of quartz glass, the protective layer is applied after the dressing into the cable. Compared with traditional communication wires, cables, and it has a frequency bandwidth, low loss, light weight, good security and other advantages, and thus be able to offer more channels, information transmission, farther, more convenient installation. Since the end of the last century, the fiber has been fully instead of copper wire, are widely used in various areas of information transmission, become the age of the Internet, a “cornerstone”.

First proposed using optical fiber can transmit signals, and the invention of the optical fiber, Charles Kao was born in Shanghai, China. In 1966 Charles Kao published papers entitled “optical frequency dielectric fiber waveguides“, theoretically proved with optical fiber as transmission medium, realize the possibility of optical communication. This argument was put forth, immediately triggered a global hot. Some call it “incredible”, was praised. After continuous debates and a large number of experiments, theory has finally become a reality. In 1970, Corning is based on Charles Kao theory and technology roadmap to successfully pull practical fiber causing communication in the history of revolutionary change, Charles Kao won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009, to become well-deserved ” Father of Fiber Optics”.

Shanghai is one of the earliest to conduct their own fiber-developed areas. After reform and opening up, with the introduction of foreign technology, inclding Corning, Lucent and other multinational companies in Shanghai have opened a joint venture. local enterprises like the new Shanghai glassworks and other units on their own development and production of optical fiber, also have been successful. Since the late eighties of the last century, fiber optic products springing up everywhere.

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At the same time, the application of the optical fiber is also booming. In recent years, due to the 3G the opening as well as the extension of the optical fiber laying, expanding the size of FTTH Fiber Optic Cable scale, realize the language, data and video three nets fusion, a large number of online business. At present, Shanghai has basically achieved network coverage. Query data of people’s day-to-day shopping, seek medical attention so inseparable from the network.

It is no exaggeration to say that the fiber has been integtated into our lives, our work and lifestyle. Moreover, this effect continues. “The application of optical fiber can be extended to one hundred years.” Charles Kao, a prophecy.

In fact, the journey involving modern technology “attractions” everywhere. Travel has always become attached and humanities, contains many cultural element, we may wish to integrate into toursim and technology and promoting the combination of culture and technology. For taster of the magic of technology, to open the horizons of science, as well as enhance tourism and cultural connotation, are probably of concern and explore.

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