The Main Application Of Optical Switch

The Main Application Of Optical Switch

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With the development of fiber optic communication technology and dense wavelength dividion multiplexing system, optical networking has become the trend of network development. Light-linkk network technology to achieve major progress depends on the optical switch, optical filters, optical smplifiers, dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology devices and technology. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology development is an important factor in promoting the development of all optical communication raised will enable optical networking equipment manufacturers, telecom operators are facing great opportunities and challenges.

The optical switch is the key in all-optical switching devices, can be realized in all-optical layer routing, wavelength selection, optical cross-connect and self-healing protection function. The main application of optical switch include:

Optical cross connect (OXC). OXC optical switch array, dynamic path of light, optical network fault protection, and the flexibility to add new services. Optical cross-connect switch with low insertion loss, low crosstalk, low swtichuing time as well as non-blocking operation. MEMS technology is now entering the experimental stage in the optical switching applicatioins want to achieve the exchange of the light absorbing layer are transparent to the wavelength, the data rate and signal format, in the near futre.

Run out of networl switches enable automatic protection switching. When a fiber break or a transmission failure occurs, it is possible to change the business transmission path via the optical switch, and to achieve the protection of the business. Normally this protection swithcing only 1×2 port of the optical switch can be achieved.

1xN optical swithc network monitoring. Test point in the distal end of the optical fiber by the 1xN optical switch and the plurality of optical fibers via the optical switch connnected to an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR), switching to achieve monitoring of all fibers. Or online analysis into the network analyzer.

Optical fiber communication device test. Optical devices, fiber optic cable, and subsystem products in the testing process, you can use the optical switch test multiple devices at the same time simplifying the test, and improve efficiency.

OADMs. MAN mainly used in the ring, to achieve a single wavelength and multiple wavelength from the optical path up and down freely. The OADM can run out of the switch to achieve the dynamic up and down any wavelength through software control, this will increase the flexibility of the network configuration.

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