The merits of POF(plastic optical fibers) and the applications of POF(plastic optical fibers)

The merits of POF(plastic optical fibers) and the applications of POF(plastic optical fibers)

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The advantages of POF(plastic optical fibers)

1.Quick installation: POF(plastic optical fibers) can easily through the narrow threading tube;

2.Easy to connect: POF don’t polishing liquid can achieve very good connection effect, also need not to connect and use specialized equipment;

3.Cost saving: because of the above two advantages, so using POF transmission medium of the Internet access system, its cost is lower than quartz optical fiber access system;

4.Durable: POF fiber is softer than quartz fiber , also small bending radius

5.Simple, safe connecting test: the 650 nm LED red light, of visible light is harmless to the eye.

The classifications of  plastic optical fiber cable

Common plastic optical fiber cable

Including all the multimode optical fiber plastic, graded-index multimode plastic optical fiber and single mode optical fiber. This kind of optical fiber is similar to ordinary quartz optical fiber, made up of fiber core and cladding, constitutes the fiber core refractive index distribution of different types of optical fiber.

Multimode fiber is mainly used in strength type sensor system, the measured quantities directly affect the intensity of output light signal. The gradient refractive index multimode plastic optical fiber can solve the problems of the belt width.

In single mode fiber and single mode quartz optical fiber core are the shortcomings of the core diameter, only 5 ~ 10 microns. Single-mode fiber and plastic is relative to the characteristics of quartz optical fiber core diameter thick, 50 ~ 100 times that of silica fiber, docking easily, low cost, so its in interferometric fiber optic sensor has the more outstanding characteristics.

Special plastic optical fiber cable:

Special plastic optical cable including all plastic optical fiber with special performance, such as laser dye doped coals plastic optical fiber, flashing plastic optical fiber, plastic optical fiber, etc., and has a special structure design of plastic optical fiber, plastic optical fiber and double core plastic optical fiber such as microstructure, etc.

Lightning is pof plastic optical fiber in the fiber core doped with high optical nonlinear response speed is very fast and organic material, made of plastic optical fiber has high optical nonlinearity. Many organic compounds possess high optical nonlinearity and the characteristics of fast response, especially in processing and manufacturing of plastic fibers, which makes people have a wide range of functional materials can be mixed plastic optical fiber.


Plastic optical fiber with its soft, flexible, large core diameter, coupling, resistance to electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) EMI, low cost, widely used for short, medium and small capacity, information transmission system, sensors, CD players, cars, planes, multimedia information transmission network, military network, and even can be used in the space and missile guidance, etc.


As a transmission medium, because of its unique performance, POF plastic optical fiber attracting attention around the world. However, plastic optical fiber loss big shortcoming has been restricts its wide application in various fields. With the continuous improvement of chemical technology and related scholars in the field of continuous efforts, POF has in LAN, CAN, OFS and other fields to achieve the practical application. POF research and production in China is relatively backward, and current domestic POF for advertising, decoration, and the application in the field of industrial, electronic and communication is almost blank. Further improve chemical technology, maintain POF the systematicness of the research, development and sustainability is the urgent task that we are faced with.

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