The Optical Transceiver of XFP Transceiver

The Optical Transceiver of XFP Transceiver

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Having photonic and electrical layer normal accordance interfaces are small type component pluggable transceivers. Commercially marketed compact SFP modules are capable to support insofar as 4.25 Gbit/s and together with the previous types are enhanced SFP+ models that are aimed for greater data rates such as 8.5 Gbit/s and 10.52 Gbit/s Fiber Channel.

XFP Transceivers commercially available in the market now include the 10Gbase SR XFP, 10Gbase LR XFP, 10Gbase ER XFP and 10Gbase ZR XFP. These Fiber Transceivers are with Digital Diagnostics that provide a powerful optical management tool. 10Gbase SR XFP is used with OM3 50/125 laser optimized multimode fiber with max working span around 300 meters. The other three standards are all for single mode fiber applications, 10Gbase LR XFP work with 1310nm SMF and max working distance 10km, 10Gbase ER XFP work with 1550nm SMF and working range max 40km, 10Gbase LR XFP is also 1550nm wavelength and working span is 80km max.

The small size of one such interface permits it to take up a comparatively small amount of space along the edge of a network device motherboard, crucial for many transceivers to be hooked up at once. A lesser number of transceivers of the associated GBIC protocol can be joined to a compatible hub at a time, as the interfaces for that kind of transceiver are noticeably larger.

Fiber optic networks are simply an astounding technology. The elegance and efficacy of transferring a signal through lasers reflected off the sides of a microscopic tube are unparalleled. For any of this to operate properly, though, an optical transceiver is a requirement.

Communication being vital for every organization, the advent of technological development has led to a faster and improved mode of communication. The earlier communication devices were crude, which resulted in delayed and expensive processes of transmission.For the ones who are not very well aware of scalability, it would mean the potential or inherent capacity to rise beyond eight channels on one stand. This makes it easier to organize and manage a network.

What is Xenpak transceiver module? Xenpak transceiver module is one of the 10Gbps fiber optic transceiver modules. Xenpak transceiver is fully compatible with the IEEE 802.3ae standards for 10G Ethernet as required by Xenpak MSA. It is same at 121 x 36 x 18 mm (the biggest in 10G fiber transceiver modules); these modules typically weigh less than 300 g and with dual SC fiber interface.

The electronic, mechanical and optical features of these hot-plug devices are laid down by a multisource arrangement between network component dealers. SFP modules are inspired by GBIC interfaces only that they are designed with better port densities.

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