The performance of the plastic optical fiber

The performance of the plastic optical fiber

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(1) attenuation
The plastic optical fiber attenuation depends primarily on the material chosen, the scattering loss and absorption loss. The low compression ratio of the polymer material through the selection of low refractive index and isothermal low scattering loss can be obtained, and the absorption loss is the molecular bond (hydrocarbon: C-H, and carbon deuterium C-D, the fluorocarbon C-F, etc.) telescopic vibration absorption and electron transition absorption due. In the test virtual recent infrared electronic transition absorption is negligible. Molecular stretching absorption loss by mold Sri Lanka potential theory obtained.
(2) Bandwidth
The gradient type plastic optical fiber showed a gradient distribution of the optical fiber is a refractive index, the refractive index is gradually reduced from the core to the cladding layer. Suitability of as long as formation of the graded refractive index distribution can be obtained for suppressing mode dispersion, maintaining the data aperture, and to control the incident lightwave emitted lightwave relative broadening effect. If the refractive index distribution properly, then the material dispersion to become a major factor of the decision of the transmission bandwidth. For system bandwidth of several GHz • km is feasible as long as the full attention in the choice of material dispersion.
(3) Heat resistance
Typically, the plastic optical fiber in a high-humidity environment occur oxidative degradation and loss increases. Oxidative degradation is due to constitute a formation of the talk group in the optical fiber core material, a double bond and crosslinkable. The oxidative degradation procure accelerated electron transitions, thereby causing increased fiber loss. Found through experiments, after aging treatment of the fiber, the attenuation of a wavelength of 760nm increases than its in 680nm attenuation increases should be small; Further, as long as the selection of the light source wavelength greater than 660nm, the heat resistance of the plastic optical fiber long-term and reliable.
Plastic optical fiber communication system:
We have developed a short-range data communication system based on standard IEEE1394 (February) 1998, and people are building the next generation of user transmission system integrated wiring standards. IEEE1394 provides information of 100Mbit / s transmission plastic optical fiber transmission distance extend from 4.5m to 50m.

1998, Japan Furukawa developed its light-detecting surface of the working wavelength of 780nm plastic optical fiber transmission system, the light emitting device of the optical transmitter of the system 780nm the LD, the light receiving device is a light receiver 780nm? Si-PIN diameter of 0.8nm, the relaxation frequency of 0.5GHz. The transmitter output power set-8dBm (IEC825-1 standard).

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